Continuing Education

Sustainability-related courses are available to the public through UofL's continuing education and professional development program.

University of Louisville Executive Education builds learning strategies that support an organization's long-term goals and foster employee growth. We offer a variety of Certificate Programs, including:

The University of Louisville’s Professional Development courses cover a variety of topics that are relevant to professionals at all levels. Each of these one-day seminars will cover critical skills that every professional needs.

Previous Sustainability-Related Seminars Have Included:

Cultivating Leadership Presence and Mindful Organizations

Explore mindfulness and meditation training in the context of leadership excellence and healthy organizations. In this workshop participants are guided through a series of systematic mindful leadership practices, reflections and everyday applications. As we explore mindful leadership and organizational practices, we learn to cultivate our ability to focus, see past our own filters, be more innovative, and embody greater compassion for ourselves and those we manage.You Will Learn How To:

  • Focus your mind, harvest collective intelligence and cultivate empathy
  • Integrate individual and collective mindfulness and meditation practices into professional development and organizational culture
  • Practice basic mindfulness facilitation skills and learn appropriate application for individuals, teams and meetings

Conflicts and disagreements happen every day; successful companies use this energy in a positive way to harness differences in a healthy manner. This interactive seminar will provide you with the tools to understand and manage differences in the workplace, improve communication, and create a positive and productive workplace environment. You will learn to:

  • Employ techniques of interest-based negotiation to build and maintain successful, productive work relationships
  • Become a better listener
  • Employ good communication and mutual respect in managing workplace misunderstandings
  • Use language and non-verbal communication effectively
  • Pre-approved for 5 credit hours with HRCI. This program is valid for 6.5 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM

Grant Writing Certificate: Application Development and Funding

If you want an in-depth training experience that will give you a solid knowledge base and skill set for developing competitive, high-quality grant applications, this is the training for you. This program is ideal for the beginner or intermediate grants professional working in education or a nonprofit organization. The program will help grant-seeking become less intimidating. The Grant Writing Certificate Program is an intensive, three-day workshop that gives you the basics needed to develop competitive grant applications, identify and build relationships with potential funders, and follow through after your grant is funded. You will spend time reviewing grant applications in the same way reviewers do to learn what reviewers look for in a grant application. You will also learn the process to become a grant reviewer. As part of this certificate program you will also receive a one-hour coaching session to review and improve your grant application. After this three-day workshop you will walk away with:

  •     The basic elements of a competitive grant application already developed
  •     Potential funders identified that will be most likely to support your grant application
  •     Tips for following up with funders if your grant application is not approved
  •     Knowing what is required once a grant is actually funded
  •     This program is valid for 19.5 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM


Previous Lifelong Learning Classes

In the past,UofL had a Lifelong Learning program that offered the public both in-person and online classes covering a variety of sustainability-related topics. This program has ceased operations, but you can get a feeling for our past offerings below.

Previous Online Courses

UofL offered over 300 online courses to the public throughout the year! Sustainability-related courses included:

  • Going Green at the Workplace - Learn cost-effective ways to position your business as a responsible environmental leader in a world of green consumers and carbon-conscious regulators.
  • Going Green at Home - Step into a green lifestyle as you discover simple, cost-effective ways to make your home environmentally friendly.
  • Start Your Own Edible Garden - Grow delicious, nutritious fruit and vegetables in your own backyard!
  • Growing Plants for Fun and Profit - An industry professional teaches you everything you need to prosper in the backyard nursery business.
  • Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals - Join a registered dietitian and discover how easy it can be to prepare meals that are both delicious and nutritious!
  • Lose Weight and Keep It Off - Discover how to establish a healthy approach to weight loss and weight maintenance.
  • Introduction to Natural Health and Healing - Learn how to promote wellness, balance, and health in all aspects of your daily life.

Previous In-Person Courses

Exploring the Waterways of Metro Louisville

Earn an American Canoe Association (ACA) certification as you explore some of Jefferson County’s 790 miles of streams and rivers. Using the ACA curriculum, you’ll be introduced to canoeing safety, paddle strokes, and navigation skills. This new class features two lecture/discussion sessions and four canoe trips on these streams: Beargrass Creek, Harrods Creek, Salt River, and Floyds Fork. Three of the paddle trips will be in 15-person Voyageur canoes and the fourth, on Floyds Fork, will be in tandem canoes. This course also addresses our region’s water quality, showcasing people in the community who are working to restore our creeks, revitalize our sewer and flood infrastructure, reconnect communities to the Ohio River, and expand recreational opportunities along the waterfront.

Location: Community Boat House, Waterfront Park (sessions one and two) and four launching sites. Participants are responsible for their own transportation.

Instructor: Dr. David Wicks, certified instructor for the American Canoe Association, president of the Kentucky Conservation Committee, owner of Get Outdoors Kentucky, and retired director of the Jefferson County Public Schools’ Center for Environmental Education.

Natural Foods to Enhance Your Health

Nearly all fast foods, most packaged and bottled foods, and many consumed in restaurants are altered chemically and/or extremely high in salt, sugar and/or fat. Consuming foods in forms close to the ones in which they grew naturally is recommended for optimum health and nutrition. This class features simple, natural, quick and delicious ways to prepare fresh vegetables, casseroles, soups, dried beans and grains. During field trips to conventional and natural food stores, you'll practice label reading and learn to make wise food choices that will enhance your health.

Instructor: Joyce Gerrish, M.A., graduate of National Institute of Whole Health, teacher for Holistic Wellness

Organic Gardening

Growing your own organic food is not only healthy, but economical and fun! Whether you have lots of outdoor space or just a little, this class will teach you how to grow all types of vegetables and herbs using the space you have. You’ll also learn to incorporate colorful fruit trees and many small fruits into your landscape to make it both beautiful and productive.

Instructor: Shelly Nold, B.S., horticulture, owner and operator of The Plant Kingdom

Public Speaking for Advocates

Do you have a cause you’re passionate about? Would you like to be able to share your opinions about controversial issues such as politics or religion? The focus of this new course isn’t on public speaking, but rather sharing your opinions on topics you care about without coming off as aggressive, pushy or, most of all, crazy. You’ll also learn how to recognize and deal with a conversation that may be escalating in a negative manner.

Instructor: Rennay Cooke, longtime advocate for the arts, animal rights, and education, whose goal is to educate people about her causes and beliefs by opening, not necessarily changing, people’s minds

The Art of Thrift and Consignment Shopping

Do you long to wear designer clothing but can’t afford to? Do you wonder how everyone else is doing it? Learn how from a 25-year thrift shopper who will share her secrets for wearing the best for less. The class concludes with a field trip to some of Judi’s favorite stores.

Instructor: Judi Murray, self-proclaimed, seasoned thrift shopper who proudly boasts that 80% of her stylish wardrobe (and most of her home furnishings) comes from thrift and consignment stores