Team UofL sets the pace in Cycle September! Ride with us!

UofL’s Sustainability Council and Get Healthy Now salute our top five riders in the first week of Cycle September!

Together, Team UofL pedaled an impressive 813 miles over 58 trips in the first week. Our May 2022 Bike Month Challenge winner, Civil & Environmental Engineering GRA Juan Tabares TamayoJuan Tabares, is off to another strong start, leading the pack with 151mi over 4 trips, followed by:
2. DJ Biddle (128mi, 4 trips)
3. Whitney Theis (109mi, 12 trips)
4. Rachel Butler (106mi, 11 trips, 3rd place for bike commuting), and
5. Michael Taylor (95 mi, 4 trips).

Join the fun, saddle up, and get in the running for a $200 bike shopping spree! Reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle and show your support for sustainable transportation. Register for Cycle September as an individual to be entered to win fabulous national prizes like a $1000 bicycle, $4000 dream vacation, or over 200 other prizes!

Join Team UofL on Strava to log your rides and encourage/compete against your peers for the UofL Grand Prize. Simply log your trips by bicycle for fun, fitness, or transportation from September 1-30, 2022.

Your miles and days cycled will qualify you for the grand prize of a $200 voucher to a local bike shop! Students, faculty, and staff are all welcome to compete. Check out our online resources for UofL Bicyclists - with handy maps, videos, and tips for getting around town care-free and car-free! Facebook Event.

And don’t forget that Cycle September overlaps with the Cards Commuter Challenge 20222022 Cards Commuter Challenge, so all your bike commute trips can qualify you for prizes in both challenges! Just be sure to also record all your transportation bike trips on Cardinal Directions throughout the Cards Commuter Challenge (August 29 - September 30) and each week you'll have the chance to win one of the $50 weekly prizes or the $250 Grand Prize! One student and one faculty/staff member will win each week! Any trip by means other than driving alone increases your chances of winning! View Leaderboard.