Hill Street Road Diet & Smoother Routes to Campus

Hill Street Road Diet Before+After
In Spring 2017, bike lanes through Old Louisville to Belknap campus were  repaved and repainted on 3rd Street (southbound) and Brook Street (northbound), providing smoother bikeway connections between Belknap campus and downtown/HSC.

After UofL hosted the following public meetings and advocated for the changes, Louisville Metro Public Works repaved a stretch of Hill Street and implemented a road diet on Hill Street from 1st St to Meriwether. Safety for all road users was improved in this vital connector to the northeast corner of Belknap campus as four travel lanes were reduced to two with dedicated turn lanes, bike lanes in both directions, and improved intersection curb cuts and crosswalks for pedestrians.

Hill Street Blues?! Public Meetings on Redesign
Thursday, March 30th, 11:30am-1:30pm & 5-7pm, Ekstrom Library Room W210
Members of the university community and the public were encouraged to join us for this discussion with Metro Public Works about plans to repave and reconfigure an important corridor on the edge of Belknap Campus: Hill Street from 1st St to Meriwether Ave. The city sought our input on how this corridor could be reconfigured to make it safer for all road users, including drivers, transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians. We also encouraged all to participate in Bicycling For Louisville's advocacy survey to gauge public opinion about this and other potential projects in the coming months and years.