UofL's Green Threads Program Reaches Over 100 Faculty

Green Threads 2023UofL's Sustainability Council is delighted to welcome this year's Green Threads: Sustainability Across the Curriculum faculty cohort! On August 15, 2023, eleven faculty from across the university participated in our annual day-long workshop designed to increase and enrich the university's sustainability course offerings by weaving themes of sustainability into new or existing courses across disciplines. See photos.

The workshop emphasizes Engaged Learning strategies, Community Engagement, and using the Campus as a Living Laboratory for investigating sustainability challenges and solutions.

With this year's cohort, the Green Threads program celebrates graduating over 100 faculty and instructors, who have gone on to teach hundreds of sustainability-related and sustainability-focused courses to tens of thousands of students since the program launched in 2009!

The 2023 cohort includes a broad representation from across many disciplines:

Name Email Green Threads Year Unit Dept. Courses Interwoven with Green
Katherine Cox katherine.cox.1@louisville.edu 2023 A&S Fine Arts ART 581/582/584/683 Adv. Sections of Fibers 
Tami Harbolt tami.harbolt@louisville.edu 2023 A&S Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies WGST 391 Feminist Environmentalism
Laura Krauser laura.krauser@louisville.edu 2023 A&S Geography & Environmental Sciences HON 202-01 Parks and Recreation
Sherri Brown sherri.brown@louisville.edu 2023 CEHD Special Education, Early Childhood & Prevention Science EDTP 326-96 Elementary Science Methods Field Experience
EDTP 324-97 Science Methods P-5         
Jasmine Whiteside jasmine.whiteside@louisville.edu 2023 A&S Sociology SOC 45O & SOC 6xx Special Topics: The Sociology of Poverty
Tharshikka Vickneswaran tharshikka.vickneswaran@louisville.edu 2023 Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering CEE 681 Green Engineering and Sustainability
Charlie Zhang c.zhang@louisville.edu 2023 A&S Geography & Environmental Sciences GEOG 328 Urban Geography
Jeffery Masters jeffery.masters@louisville.edu 2023 A&S Biology BIOL 243 Experimental Biology II: Organismal Biology
Rachel Pigg rachel.pigg@louisville.edu 2023 A&S Biology BIOL 242 Diversity of Life
Joseph Turner joseph.turner@louisville.edu 2023 A&S English HON 436/HON 446-02 The New Mythology
Rachel Singel rachel.singel@louisville.edu 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 & 2023 A&S Fine Art ART 341 – Introduction to Printmaking; ART 541 – Professional Practice in Printmaking;  ART 543 - Directed Study in Printmaking; ART 642 - Professional Practice in Printmaking

Green Threads 2023 TourMany thanks to all of the incredible co-facilitators who came together to make the 2023 workshop such a resounding success:

  • Brent Fryrear, Partnership for a Green City
  • Jessica Eggleston, Instructor, Sustainability, School of Public Health & Information Sciences, and
  • Urban & Public Affairs
  • Tamara Sluss, Director, Interdisciplinary Master’s in Sustainability
  • Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives
  • Erica Gabbard, Director, Experiential Learning, UofL’s Center for Engaged Learning (CEL)
  • Claude Stephens, Dir. Outreach & Regenerative Design, Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest
  • Henry Cunningham, Director of Community Engagement
  • Brian Barnes, EcoReps Director
  • Robin Frederick, Masters in Sustainability student
  • Green Threads Alumni Panel facilitated by Scott LaJoie with Eve Polley, Rachel Singel, Katina Kulow, and Tyler Mahoney
  • Jen Anderson, Acting Co-Associate Director of Teaching and Learning, Delphi Center

Learn more about the program, discover all 101 faculty and instructors who have participated over the years, and find resources for teaching about sustainability on the Green Threads webpage.