The University of Louisville's School of Medicine
    is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

    CE Mission

    The mission of the University of Louisville School of Medicine CE program is to provide lifelong team-based education through accredited interprofessional CE grounded in evidence-based practices. This is developed collaboratively by healthcare teams and care system stakeholders to elevate professional competencies for safe and high-quality patient care. The expected results of the University of Louisville CE program are to enhance healthcare team performance, improve patient outcomes, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration for comprehensive healthcare delivery.

    CE Purpose

    A cornerstone educational purpose of the University of Louisville School of Medicine is to "provide high quality continuing medical education in an environment of lifelong learning." Further, the School of Medicine has a "mandated statewide mission to meet the educational, research, and patient care needs of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and an urban mission to meet the needs of Louisville..."* CE, in collaboration with our medical community which includes UofL Physicians, the School of Medicine clinical and biomedical science departments, the UofL Hospital, Jewish Hospital, the Robley Rex Veteran's Administration Hospital, Ireland Community Army Hospital, and the Area Health Education Centers of Kentucky, seeks to identify and address professional clinical practice gaps and life-long educational needs. The SOM offers consultation for the design, delivery, and evaluation of CE programming, and will accredit and document those continuing medical education activities in support of physician life-long learning requirements. Further, the SOM will provide services as a joint-provider for national and international entities that pursue similar goals of meeting physician CE learning opportunities.

    * Statement from the UofL School of Medicine LCME database document, 2012-13, referring to the School of Medicine educational objectives.