Kroger Scholars Lead the Charge in Education and Sustainability

In a world where issues like hunger and waste are ever-present challenges, it's heartening to see companies like Kroger step up to make a difference. Through their steadfast support, Kroger is not only championing education but also leading the way in sustainability efforts.
At the University of Louisville, Kroger Scholars are making waves with their impactful initiatives. Thanks to Kroger's generous backing, these scholars are at the forefront of the fight against hunger and waste. They're not just talking about making a change; they're actively working to create a more sustainable future for all.

One notable partnership that emerged from this support is with La Casita Center, an organization focused on empowering the Latinx community. Kroger Scholars, in collaboration with La Casita Center, are empowering individuals with vital knowledge on food waste, composting, and healthy eating practices. This partnership is not just about addressing immediate needs but also about fostering long-term sustainability and resilience within communities.

The efforts of these Kroger Scholars extend beyond mere academic pursuits. They are actively engaged in real-world solutions, tackling food insecurity, promoting sustainable practices, and empowering communities with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of this year’s Kroger Scholars who partnered with La Casita Center, we also acknowledge Kroger's commitment to creating a sustainable future. Together, they are making strides towards a world with zero hunger and zero waste, setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

Kudos to Kroger Scholars and their impactful work in driving positive change in education, sustainability, and community empowerment. The future indeed looks brighter with initiatives like these leading the way.

Kroger Scholars Lead the Charge in Education and Sustainability (UofL Advancement, May 2024)