UofL admits that not increasing cost of parking was horrible decision

At the January 2019 Faculty Senater, Bob Knaster and Gary Becker provided an update on the Parking Strategic Plan.

UofL’s parking issues include constrained space, zero budget for operational and deferred maintenance, limited availability for visitors and events and decreasing proximity increases safety issues. The parking office has engaged a consulting firm to look at these issues and the firm returned 70 recommendations. Among them are:

  • Budget and plan for new parking
  • Add maintenance to the parking budget
  • Charge for all visitor parking
  • Implement LPR enforcement
  • Promote transit services and cross parking
  • Add transportation services, augment cameras and lighting
  • Implement zone-based parking permits
  • Introduce new services to improve the customer experience

LPR technology means license plate recognition. Knaster said this could free up hours a day for police officers who are tasked with monitoring permits.

A lengthy discussion was held on the office’s next steps. In response to some concerns about proposed rate increases, Knaster said, “one of the worst decisions we made was to not increase the cost of parking for six years. Now we’re under water and playing catch up.”

The Parking Strategy presentation is available online here.

Source: UofL parking strategy presented to Faculty Senate (UofL News, Jan. 10, 2019)