Interview: UofL alumni & professor Tom Lambert on the economics of tackling climate change

Would you behave differently if we finally put a price on carbon? This week’s Sustainability Now! program hosted by Justin Mog explores the issue with UofL alumni and economics professor, Tom Lambert! Listen now.



Justin Mog talks about the economics of tackling climate change with Professor Tom Lambert from the economics department at UofL’s College of Business, where he has recently been assigned as an applied economist in the equine industry program. Before UofL, he taught for Northern Kentucky University’s Master of Public Administration program and the economics department at IUS. He has a masters in economics from UK and a PhD in urban and public affairs from UofL with a concentration in urban economics and economic development.

Professor Lambert will be giving a talk on “Incentivizing Sustainability Through Carbon Fees,” sponsored by the Louisville chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby via ZOOM on Monday, September 14th at 7PM. Register for the talk at

More info about CCL and the bill H.R. 763 the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, is at You can find Citizens’ Climate Lobby Louisville on Facebook.

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