Caroline Ferro wins Ecolympics 2023

Ecolympics 2023We are thrilled to announce that the Ecolympics 2023 Grand Prize Winner is student, Caroline Ferro! 🎉 This impressive Cardinal took an astounding 70 different green actions, and shared them with us January 29 - March 25, 2023...winning her the Grand Prize bicycle! 🚲

Caroline’s sustainable actions over the course of Ecolympics included:

  • reducing water usage by watering plants with pasta water,
  • putting orange peels back in lunchbox to compost instead of throwing them away,
  • replacing the peat in a seed starting mix with more sustainable coconut coir,
  • recycling worn out socks into gloves,
  • taking the stairs instead of the elevator,
  • growing vegetables,
  • washing clothes in cold water,
  • air-drying laundry,
  • using a spray bottle to get rid of wrinkles instead of an iron,
  • donating clothes to the UofL Free Store,
  • keeping blinds and curtains closed to conserve energy when cold,
  • saving food for composting,
  • making sure to turn off lights when necessary,Win Me - Ecolympics 2023 Grand Prize Bike
  • shopping for used books,
  • fixing holes in socks instead of throwing them away,
  • using reusable water bottles,
  • avoiding disposable single use containers and cutlery,
  • bringing reusable handkerchiefs to reduce use of disposable tissues,
  • carpooling to campus,
  • cleaning and recycling glass jars,
  • moving lettuce seedlings outside to get them ready to transplant,
  • transplanting lettuce into garden,
  • saving plastic bags to recycle,
  • using reusable silverware,
  • fertilizing garden beds with compost, and
  • pruning houseplants to propagate new plants to give to friends!

Amazing job Caroline! ✨



Week 7 Winner: Sophia Anner, a PhD student and Graduate Fellow in Biology who shared dozens of zero waste actions such as joining the Louisville Compost Co-op and reusing materials, bags, diningware, containers, etc.; as well as biking & carpooling; and making things. Sophia won our hiking prize pack.



Week 6 Winner: Anthony Acquisto, a student who shared that he uses a reusable bottle & silverware, recycles, reduces cooking waste, & unplugged everything before leaving for spring break!



Week 5 Winner: Heaven Wolfe, a Campus Housing student assistant won our gardening prize pack. Heaven shared about how her family grows nearly all the food they need each summer in a huge garden that they fertilize with eggshells. Their next project is starting a greenhouse. Be like Heaven – take action for a better tomorrow and win!



Thank you to everyone who participated in Ecolympics 2023. Remember, sustainable actions shouldn’t stop here! Keep taking the necessary steps as you move forward. Together, we can make our campus, community, and planet a better place to live! 🌱🌻☀️🌈♻️