Fueling access to higher education in the commonwealth

UofL is increasing aid for in-state residents
Students walking outside in the quad.

More students from Kentucky will be able to graduate from college with less student debt with help from the expanded Cardinal Commitment Grant. The University of Louisville is investing $2.4 million toward the grant in 2024 as part of its commitment to increasing access to higher education and lessening the financial burden of college for students.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our local and state-wide community,” said President Kim Schatzel. “This expanded grant will give more Kentucky residents access to a college degree without the stress of a heavy financial burden and provide an opportunity for them to make an impact on their communities after graduating.”

The grant will help close the gap between eligible students’ financial aid and the cost of attendance, which includes tuition, dining, transportation, books and other expenses.

Freshman biology major and first-generation student Elienai Moreno Ramirez is one of the students who received the grant this year.

“Right off the bat, it was covering so much of my tuition and I thought, ‘This is so great, and it’s renewable, so I don’t even have to worry about applying for it each year. It’s just automatically there.’ Getting this grant was a sign telling me that I could do this, I could afford college and achieve my dreams,” said Ramirez, a Cuba native who hopes to go to medical school at UofL after graduating. “This scholarship is just another stepping stone that’s there to push me forward and aid me as I accomplish my goals for the future.”

All first-time freshmen Kentucky residents who have been accepted to UofL and have a demonstrated financial need based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are eligible for the automatic award, which could be either full tuition coverage or range from $2,000-$9,000. Award amounts are calculated after considering the federal and state need-based grants, KEES, university and institutional aid given to each student.

The grant is renewable for students who continue to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, but is locked based on the award amount offered in the students’ first year at UofL regardless of changes to a student’s state or federal aid.

Eligible students should apply to UofL by May 1 to be considered for the Cardinal Commitment Grant.

For more details on the Cardinal Commitment Grant, visit uofl.me/card-commitment.

Source: Fueling access to higher education in the commonwealth: UofL is increasing aid for in-state residents (UofL News, Dec. 8, 2023)