UofL recognized as “green and compassionate”

UofL recognized as “green and compassionate” (The Louisville Cardinal, March 30, 2015)

U of L recognized as “green and compassionate”

By on March 30, 2015

U of L was one of 87 American colleges to receive a nationally recognized sustainability award for “green and compassionate student actions” from the myActions group for the 2014 fall semester. The award recognizes undergraduate schools for student leadership and progress, as well as the impact of green and healthy activities.

According to their website, myActions is a network of universities around the country that focuses on green initiatives and the collective power of students to promote compassion and change in the world.

“Louisville is definitely increasing our sustainability efforts and we are well on our way to being an incredible ‘green’ institution,” said Stephanie Dooper, Habitat for Humanity campus chapter president and former intern for myActions.

“Our [Sustainability Council] is making big strides in our campus effort and there is a great amount of support from students to continue enhancing our university sustainability.”

U of L’s green initiatives include the Earn-A-Bike program. Students, faculty and staff who are willing to forgo their U of L parking permit for a minimum of two years are eligible to receive a $400 voucher to an area bike shop.

U of L’s sustainability website also boasts green infrastructure, which hopes to reduce the university’s dependence on non-renewable energy. U of L has green purchasing policies and procedures and works with Louisville Metro’s Sewer District to help keep storm water runoff out of the combined sewer system. According to the website, this project began because of massive flooding in 2009, which caused $21 million in damage.

However, the myActions award is not just about green initiatives. It also recognizes improvements in the social environment on campus, where interactions between people are more diverse and productive.

U of L’s compassionate initiatives include Prevention, Education and Advocacy on Campus and in the Community, or PEACC. This program works to create a campus culture that does not tolerate violence in any way and empowers students to develop skills to build resiliency within their interpersonal relationships and social interactions.

myActions awarded U of L a Silver-level distinction. The four levels of the award are Green, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

To learn more about all of the initiatives taking place by U of L or the myActions group,  visit http://louisville.edu/sustainability/ or campus.myactions.org.