Free daily check-out of a bike, lock, and helmet for UofL students and employees from a variety of campus locations.

Campus Housing offers free bikeshare from all residence halls!UofL's free Bike-Share Program is designed to help you ditch the car and discover the joys of getting around on two wheels! The program is open to all UofL students, faculty, and staff. Bikes are available whenever you need them and for whatever purpose, whether it's getting across campus, across town, or just out for some fun!

Use your UofL ID to check out a bike, lock (and helmet at some locations) for free for the day! Many bikes have baskets for carrying items. Bikes are available each day on a first-come, first-served basis from the desk staff at 11 different locations around campus:

Bike Friendly University Silver Seal 2017-2021
  • Student Rec Center
  • Get Healthy Now Wellness Center
  • Residence Halls (not just for residents!):
    - Bettie Johnson Hall
    - Community Park

    - Kurz Hall
    - Louisville Hall
    - Miller Hall
    - Threlkeld Hall
    Unitas Tower
    - University Tower Apartments (UTA)
    - Medical-Dental Apartments at HSC downtown

    The BikeShare Program at UofL Housing helps to support the broader vision of sustainability for on-campus housing. UofL Housing strives to incorporate holistic sustainability initiatives in as many internal processes and procedures as is feasible. Thus, we offer the BikeShare program as part of our goal to provide sustainable programmatic opportunities to the entire residential community. Sustainability is a vital piece to living on campus and Housing is thrilled to have a fleet of bikes to help support this piece of our overall mission of supporting and developing student leaders.

In all locations, you'll simply sign a waiver form and return the bike before the end of the day or weekend. Those who check out bikes are responsible for any theft/loss/damage, so be sure to use the u-lock to securely lock the bike (frame and wheel!) any time you leave it behind.

If you notice a UofL bikeshare bike in need of maintenance, please send a note indicating the check-out location, bike in need, and issue to

LouVelo city-wide bikeshare at UofL!

LouVelo Citywide BikeShare PROMO!
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Half-priced monthly memberships are available for UofL students & employees to join LouVelo! Use gift code CARDBIKE at to try out the new citywide bikeshare system with stations at Belknap & HSC! For just $7.50/mo you get unlimited 1-hour rides on 300+ bikes. Learn More

• In May 2017, Louisville Metro launched its new bike share program, LouVelo, with over 300 bikes at 27 stations in our urban core.
• Stations are available at UofL's HSC (Floyd & Abraham Flexner Way, and Floyd & Broadway) and on the north side of Belknap campus (Brook & Cardinal, and 4th & Gaulbert). More will be added across Belknap campus in 2017.
• LouVelo bikes feature an upright riding position, fenders, and a comfort saddle. Anyone can jump on a LouVelo bike and easily pedal across town.
• With 27 stations across Louisville, finding a LouVelo station is quick and easy. Once signed up, you can easily check out a bike and return to any station within the system.
• LouVelo members can access any of the 300+ bikes though a station kiosk, a smart phone or with their membership card. The free Transit App also allows users to locate bike share stations and buy bike share passes using their mobile device.
• The first hour of use is completely free for members, with usage fees only applied to those checking out a bike for over an hour. You may check a bike into any docking station at any time to restart the clock.
• Checking out a bike is quick and easy, and returning it is as simple as parking the bike in the dock.

Where to Check-Out, Fix-up, and Park Bikes

UofL BikeShare - Intramurals FleetView an interactive Bike Map for all three UofL campuses showing where to find bike parking, fix-it stations, and bikeshare check-out locations! Here's what you'll see:

  • RED icons = COVERED bike parking.
  • BLUE icons = exposed bike parking.
  • YELLOW Wrench icons = Bike Fix-It stations with tools and pump.
  • GREEN Bike icons = Bike-Share locations from which bikes can be checked-out free for the day with UofL ID.

Avoid Traffic! Map A Safe, Comfortable Route

  • Map a safer, lower-traffic route with with Ride The City (iPhone mobile app)

  • Find bike lanes, paths, and safer routes throughout Louisville with the new mobile-friendly Louisville Bike Map. It’s designed to be easy to use while you’re out riding in the city. Just click the “My Location” button to find the bike routes nearest you.