Plastic Pollution

The Fall/Winter 2019 Issue (39) of UofL's Sustain: a journal of environmental and sustainability issues, features articles from around the world focused on the issue of Plastic Pollution (Part 1 - page 1-16, Part 2 - page 15-22, Part 3 - page 23-55):

  • Sustain - Fall/Winter 2019Page 2: Single-use Plastics: A Roadmap for Sustainability (United Nations Environmental Program)
  • Page 23: Plastic Pollution – Preventing an Incurable Disease (Katie Allen)
  • Page 25: Microfibers, Macro Problems: A Resource Guide and Toolkit for Understanding and Tackling the Problem of Plastic Microfiber Pollution in Our Communities (Róisín Magee Altreuter)
  • Page 33: Microplastics in Compost: Environmental Hazards of Plastic-Coated Paper Products (Cyndra Dietz)
  • Page 36: Ditch the Throw-Away Culture and Solve Plastic Pollution (Miriam Gordon & Jamie Rhodes)
  • Page 40: Beyond Bans: Breaking Free From Plastic (Chris Kane)
  • Page 42: The Fate of Plastics at Wastewater Treatment Plants (Alex E. Novak)
  • Page 45: Recycling is Not Enough (GAIA/Zero Waste Europe)
  • Page 52: Plastic Pollution: How YOU can make a BIG difference (Kate Bailey & Kate Nelson)