Rochelle Holm & Emily Coleman take on the National Bike Challenge

Team UofL continues to pedal for health, fun, and climate justice in the National Bike Challenge, which runs May - September 2020.

So far, UofL staff, faculty, and students have pedaled a total of 16,306 miles on 1174 rides, with 333 bike commutes of 2846 miles preventing 1,829lbs of carbon pollution!

The Sustainability Council & Get Healthy Now congratulate our top riders who continue to dominate: Kamila Bujko, Melissa Miller, Rachel Singel, Tim Followell, and Justin Mog (who was the top bike commuter in the nation in July, having pedaled a total of 385 miles over 31 days for transportation).

We are rewarding our most improved riders in July:

  • Rochelle Holm, on staff at UofL's Environmental Health Institute, was Team UofL's most improved rider overall with the 5th most trips (26 trips totaling 202 miles) and 6th most bike commutes (34 miles over 5 days) in July; and
  • Emily Coleman, Dental Clinic Assoc Sr, was our most improved Bike Commuter (3rd place with 28 miles over 9 days) in July.

Join in the fun, fitness & clean commuting through September! Your miles and days cycled will qualify you for great prizes through Get Healthy Now, including the grand prize of a $400 voucher to a local bike shop, co-sponsored by UofL's Sustainability Council! Register for the National Bike Challenge. Join Team UofL in the Challenge.

Check out our online resources for UofL Bicyclists - with handy maps, videos, and tips for getting around town care-free and car-free!

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