UofL Health & Social Justice Scholars

How can health professionals become more skilled at promoting health equity in their practice? You can't just decide to do it and suddenly do it. You need extended interprofessional training and socialization. Hear how it's being done in an innovative program at the University of Louisville.
A conversation with Dr. Faye Jones (Pediatrics) and Dr. Katie Leslie (Diversity & Inclusion), who coordinate the UofL Health and Social Justice Scholars program, and Jade Montanez (Nursing) and Tasha Golden (Public Health), two students enrolled in the program.

Also: a few words on Eclipse Ethics!

Music by @prismicofficial. Cover photo "Listen to the Voiceless," by Sarah Joy flic.kr/p/bn3EdM

Source: UofL Health & Social Justice Scholars (Ethics Forward, FORward Radio, Aug. 8, 2017)