Ecolympics 2024

When Jan 28, 2024 12:00 AM to
Mar 23, 2024 11:55 PM
Where University-wide
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Ecolympics 2024 logoJanuary 28th to March 23rd
Two fun sustainability competitions to get you engaged in saving our one green planet! Facebook Event.

Post your sustainable actions and tag @UofLSustainable  or submit them through our online form to win the Grand Prize, or one of eight fabulous weekly prize baskets!

Campus Race To Zero Waste! - January 28 - March 23, 2024
Campus Race to Zero Waste logoA friendly annual competition among North American universities. During this 8 week period, UofL will compete to reduce waste, increase recycling & composting, and raise conservation awareness across all three campuses! Keep up with the Cards progress at the Campus Race website.

  • REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE! Help the Cards to victory by avoiding disposables (bring your own mug, bottle, plate, etc.), donating useful stuff to the UofL Free Store instead of throwing it away, and fully utilizing UofL’s amazingly easy, single-stream recycling system that lets you recycle everything in the same bin, everywhere on campus: all types of plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, and glass! Details on what you can recycle at UofL here.
  • COMPOST! Turn trash into treasure just by composting your food scraps and soiled paper products in the compost bins at the Garden Commons next to the Baptist Center and the Urban & Public Affairs Garden behind Bettie Johnson Hall. Request a compost caddy for your room through our online request form! If it came from a plant, we want to compost it: fruit & vegetable wastes/peels/rinds/seeds, baked goods, grains, tea bags, coffee grounds/filters, and all kinds of soiled paper products (tissues, towels, napkins, plates, cups, etc.). We are always collecting food wastes for composting from The Ville Grill, SAC Marketplace, and other campus dining locations and will be adding those numbers to UofL's organics recycling totals in the Campus Race to Zero Waste.
  • eWaste RecyclingRECYCLE E-WASTE! Don't send your old electronics to the landfill! We will have special collection points set up in the following locations Feb. 14 - March 13:
     (1st floor lobby)
         SAC W310

         Duthie Center a
    t Speed School of Engineering (1st floor Study Area, SE corner)
         HSC Kornhauser Library
     (1st floor lobby behind elevators)
    There will also be a special Drive-up Drop-off Collection on Monday 3/4, 8am-11am outside of the Clinical & Translational Research Building at HSC (505 S Hancock St). Stop by any time to drop off any of the following types of electronics for recycling: all computers, monitors, televisions, printers, copiers, scanners, servers, networking equipment, fax machines, telephones and cellphones, RAM/memory, hard drives, battery backups, and peripherals such as keyboards, mice, speakers, AC adapters, and mixed computer cables/wires. are partnering with UofL's eSports Club to help you Trash the competition, not the planet! Full details here.

Residence Hall Drawdown! - February 5-25, 2024
Live on campus? Win with conservation! Inspired by Project Drawdown, UofL residence halls will compete among each other to see who can reduce electricity use the most over three weeks. The winning hall will earn a pizza party, sponsored by RHA! All you have to do is stop wasting energy! Turn off lights, fans, space heaters, TVs, game consoles, etc.; unplug anything you're not actively using (especially empty refrigerators); skip the elevator for the stairs; close windows tightly; wait until you have a full load to do laundry & wash with cold water; dry clothes on a rack/line; take shorter showers or shower with solar power at the SRC; etc.Residence Hall Drawdown 2024 Results

  • Keep track of each hall's progress with UofL's Building Dashboard, where you can see how much electricity your hall is using and learn how you can conserve! Halls in the competition include:
  1. Bettie Johnson Hall
  2. Billy Minardi Hall
  3. Community Park (real-time data!)
  4. Kurz Hall (real-time data!)
  5. Louisville Hall (real-time data!)
  6. Unitas Hall (real-time data!)
  7. University Tower Apartments (UTA)
  8. Belknap Village North
  9. Belknap Village South

Congratulations to residents of Unitas Tower for winning the Ecolympics Drawdown competition for the second year in a row!! Unitas residents reduced electricity use 6.4%. Second place goes to Belknap Village North (3.8% reduction) and 3rd to Louisville Hall (0.6% reduction). Across all nine residence halls, students saved 2,939 kWh (1.1%) of electricity, or the carbon emissions from 1,665 average U.S. homes each year, according to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator! Ride the wave of conservation – continue to unplug, turn off, take stairs, line dry clothes, do laundry in cold water, etc. Anything you do to conserve can help you win weekly Ecolympics prize packs through March 23rd! Explore the full results on UofL's Building Dashboard.

Ecolympics 2024 Prize PacksPrizes:

  • Weekly prizes: At the end of each of the eight weeks of Ecolympics 2024, one person who has shared their sustainable action(s) will receive a themed gift basket!
  • Grand Prize: One impressive Cardinal who takes the most sustainable actions during Ecolympics 2024 will take home our grand prize basket! This year's grand prize is provided by our zero-waste friends at Peace of the Earth Refillery on Bardstown Rd. The Grand Prize basket contains a bunch of sustainable, green goodies and refillable containers, as well as a gift card.
  • Post your sustainable actions and tag @UofLSustainable or submit them through our online form throughout February & March to be entered into the competition! New winners will be picked each week! Enter as often as you can!Ecolympics 2024 Grand Prize Pack


Rachel SingelRachel Singel named 2024 Ecolympics Grand Prize Winner (UofL Sustainability News, March 29, 2024)

Thanks to All 2024 Ecolympians!

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