KCC Summit: KY Senator Morgan McGarvey & UofL's Lauren Heberle

With the Kentucky General Assembly now on recess until February 5th, on this week’s edition of the Access Hour, we bring you more highlights from the recent Annual Meeting and Legislative Summit of the Kentucky Conservation Committee (KCC). The Summit was held January 12th at the University of Louisville and featured a Q&A with Democratic State Senator Morgan McGarvey, representing Louisville's District 19. McGarvey is a Louisville native, a University of Kentucky Law graduate, an attorney, and the Minority Leader in Kentucky Senate.

The Summit also featured several experts on various issues of concern to conservation voters in Kentucky, and after Senator McGarvey, we’ll hear from Dr. Lauren Heberle, Director of the University of Louisville's Center for Environmental Policy & Management, on the issue of brownfield redevelopment and environmental justice.
The Kentucky General Assembly finished their first week of the session in early January and is in recess until February 5th. But this recess is a PERFECT time to meet with your legislators in their home district! If you are interested in meeting with your legislator, KCC would love to assist you. A personal contact with your legislator in their home district is one of the best ways to get attention. Contact KCC at 502-209-9659 and they will be glad to help.

And now is ALSO a perfect time to make phone calls and send emails or written letters! No need to wait till legislators are back in session...the Legislative Research staff is available right now in Frankfort to take your calls on the bills you care about, and will get those messages to your legislators. Legislative Message Line: 1-800-372-7181 KCC has made it easy for you with our bill summary links at kyconservation.org

KCC is Strongly Supporting several bills: HB11 and SB27 are companion bills that prohibit the use of tobacco and vaping products in schools. Also we strongly support HB16 (advocating just and reasonable electricity rates); HB27 and HB28 (similar bills that repeal the tax on nonprofit events, which affect many environmental nonprofits. See details on our list); HB75 (addressing how Black Lung disease is diagnosed); HB165 (air quality fee structure); and SB28 (notification of hazardous waste sites).

HB146 (a bill to support third party purchase agreements of solar energy), and HB59 and HB117(both address hazards caused by mowed grass on roadways).

KCC is Strongly Opposing a handful of bills, including: SB2 (allowing the state to request special judges when legislation is challenged in the courts), SB11 (setting a new cap on recovery of damages from polluters), and HB10, which allows more electronic billboards, causing visual pollution of our roadways.

Other bills of note:There are several bills filed early this session on voting rights or public transparency in the democratic process. While these are not specifically environmental, KCC feels these bills are important for a healthy democracy and citizen participation and thus Supports: SB52 and SB87(each dealing with aspects of government transparency and procedures) and six bills all dealing with either voting access for specific groups, or voting hours: HB91, SB48, SB63, SB90, SB91, SB93.

More at: kyconservation.org/annual-meeting-2019/

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Source: KCC Summit: KY Senator Morgan McGarvey & UofL's Lauren Heberle (Access Hour, Forward Radio 106.5fm, Jan. 30, 2019)