Faculty Feed: Sustainability with Dr. Justin Mog

What if each of us could contribute to sustainability in our own way? This week we talk with Dr. Justin Mog, PhD, who is Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives at the University of Louisville. We discuss initiatives at UofL and across Louisville that aim to advance environmental, social, and economic justice through sustainability. Justin describes how there is “no silver bullet” to becoming a sustainable community, but rather a diversity of solutions are required to achieve these goals. Listeners from UofL will learn about different initiatives on our Belknap and HSC campuses along with various opportunities to get involved with sustainability at UofL. Also check out Justin’s podcast Sustainability Now!, which focuses on how citizens are taking action to advance sustainability and recently marked its 300th episode!

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Source: Sustainability with Dr. Justin Mog (UofL Faculty Feed, March 10, 2023)