Unitas Tower wins the 2024 Ecolympics Drawdown!

Congratulations to residents of Unitas Tower for winning the Ecolympics Drawdown competition for the second year in a row!!

Unitas residents reduced electricity use 6.4% from February 5-25, 2024.

Second place goes to Belknap Village North (3.8% reduction) and 3rd to Louisville Hall (0.6% reduction).

Across all nine residence halls, students saved 2,939 kWh (1.1%) of electricity, or the carbon emissions from 1,665 average U.S. homes each year, according to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator!

Ride the wave of conservation – continue to unplug, turn off, take stairs, line dry clothes, do laundry in cold water, etc. Anything you do to conserve can help you win weekly Ecolympics prize packs through March 23rd!

Learn more and find out how to participate here.

 Residence Hall Drawdown 2024 Results