UofL Sustainability

1 MILLION Bottles Saved at SRC Pure Tap Station!

On August 21st, our Louisville Pure Tap bottle filling station on the first floor of the Student Rec Center reached a major milestone of eliminating waste from 1 MILLION bottles! This is just one of many filling stations in the SRC and all over campus. SRC users have been hydrating waste-free with Louisville tap for nearly six years!
…And throughout those years, UofL’s Sustainability Council has collaborated with the publicly-owned, award-winning Louisville Water Company to educate students, faculty & staff on the value of getting #backtothetap with events, guest lectures, and those informative signs you’ve seen above our water filling station around campus (like at the SRC, SAC, Strickler, College of Business, and Ekstrom Library).
Do you know where our drinking water comes from? Do you know what it takes to pump and treat that water to get it to you? Do you know why Louisville tap is safer, cheaper, and waaaaaay better for the planet than bottled water?
Just as a teaser, consider the economic value to getting back to the tap. Filling a glass 60 times with Louisville’s tap water costs just a penny. Consuming the recommended eight glasses of water a day from the tap costs around 50 cents a year, compared to $1,500 for buying bottled water.
Explore the political & global concerns around water and the local success story. Louisville Water’s story of science & public health can bring real-world examples to your classroom, lab, or club this semester. The Louisville Water Company will glady provide staff for guest lectures or offer tours.
Contact Louisville Water Co.’s Kelley Dearing Smith to arrange a tour or guest lecture: ksmith@lwcky.com or 502.569.3695
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