TARC Transit Service Improvements Begin August 9th

TARC Airport RouteOn August 9, 2020, TARC will implement significant changes to our transit system that are intended to reduce wait times and delays!

Resources that used to serve very few people on long express routes to the suburbs and local circulators will be redeployed to improve service for the vast majority of riders in our urban core. This will not only mean improved service for UofL, but it represents an antiracist reorientation of our transit system with a strong focus on minority and low income passengers.

While this means the elimination of the 01 & 77 LouLift and 96 circulators, you can expect improved service on all other routes serving UofL's Belknap and HSC campuses, including:

  • Cardinal Directions is UofL's free trip-planning and carpool-matching service!Route 2 (Airport),
  • Route 4 (4th Street),
  • Route 19 (Muhammad Ali Blvd),
  • Route 21 (Chestnut Street),
  • Route 23 (Broadway),
  • Route 28 (Preston Hwy),
  • Route 29 (Eastern Pkwy), and
  • Route 52 (Medical Center Circulator).

All TARC routes are always free for UofL students, faculty, and staff. Simply swipe your valid UofL ID as you board.

Find all your options for getting around on one map with UofL's trip-planning and carpool-matching service, Cardinal Directions.