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Date Event
Sept. 22, 2021 SSC Arts + Crafts Social, 9/22/21 3pm Garden CommonsStudent Sustainability Coalition Arts & Crafts Social
Wednesday, Sept. 22nd, 5-7pm, Garden Commons (SW corner of Strickler Hall)
Get to know the members of the Student Sustainability Coalition and find out what we are all about. We’ll have free food & materials, all you need to bring is yourself! (You can bring your own art stuff if you want, but that’s not required.)
Sept. 24, 2021 Squash The State. Hand Printed Patch.Workshop: Gardening as Resistance
RESCHEDULED: Friday, Sept. 24th, 12-1pm, Garden Commons (SW Corner of Strickler Hall)

Join us in UofL's organic, student-managed garden for a conversation about how growing our own food collectively is an act of resistance to the dominate, capitalist, greed-driven culture. This workshop will be facilitated by Garden Intern, Ashton Lange and is part of our fall Garden Commons Workshops series which continues next month with workshops on: Medicinal Plants (Oct. 15th); Trees (Oct. 29th); and Holiday Wreathmaking (Nov. 19th). The Garden Commons is a shared, collectively-managed space, open to participation any time from students, staff, faculty, and community members. Everyone who comes is welcome to share in the harvest! Connect with us and get all the details on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook Event.
Sept. 10 - 29, 2021

Antiracism Workshops for all students, faculty & staff
Sept. 10th - 29th, online - register here
Join UofL's Anti-Racism Movement! White and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) students, faculty & staff are all invited to learn powerful and practical tools to effectively respond to interpersonal and systemic racism in your life, on campus, and in the community. Workshops are provided by the UL Center for Family and Community Well-Being, funded through the UL Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research. These workshops are part of a research study and will be held once per week for 90 minutes each for 3 consecutive weeks. The workshop schedule is as follows:

  • Students: Wednesdays, 9:00-10:30am, Sept. 15th, 22nd & 29th,
  • Staff: Fridays, 9:00-10:30am, Sept. 10th, 17th & 24th
  • Faculty: Tuesdays, 9:30 -11:00am, Sept. 14th, 21st & 28th.
More info and registration here.
Every Sunday UofL Community Composting Volunteer Day
Every Sunday, Noon-2pm
240 E. Bloom St. (one block north of Cardinal Blvd. between Brook & Floyd Streets - map here)

UofL Community CompostingCome help us turn “trash” into treasure as we manage UofL’s volunteer-powered community composting operation. Dress to get dirty. Tools provided. Learn about worm composting and becoming a UofL EcoRep! All participants are welcome to haul home some rich UofL compost for gardening projects in your own containers/vehicle. This is a weekly service opportunity throughout the year. Contact: Brian Barnes, 502-338-1338.
Sept. 29, 2021 Race and Place: Understanding Race in Louisville, in Kentucky, and in the U.S. with UofL’s Dr. Kalasia S. Ojeh
Wednesday, Sept. 29th, 6:30pm, LFPL Main Library (301 York St.)
Dr. Kalasia S. OjehWhen was the last time your race played a role in your interactions with your colleagues, neighbors, and people you meet here in Louisville? In this talk, Dr. Kalasia S. Ojeh will give a history, definition, and description of critical race theory, and discuss race relations at the national level relative to our everyday localized experience. Dr. Ojeh is Assistant Professor in the University of Louisville's Department of Pan-African Studies, and a 2020-2021 Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society Faculty. She is editor of the Journal of Social Problems and the Co-Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee for the College of Arts & Sciences. Learn more and register for this free fast class here.

Aug. 30 - Sept. 30, 2021


Cards Commuter Challenge 2021Cards Commuter Challenge 2021
August 30 - September 30, 2021. University-wide
UofL wants you to save money, burn calories, put an end to pollution, and win prizes…all by simply choosing to get to campus in a new way! Record your trips on Cardinal Directions throughout the Cards Commuter Challenge (August 30 - September 30) and each week you'll have the chance to win one of the $50 weekly prizes or the $250 Grand Prize! One student and one faculty/staff member will win each week! Any trip by means other than driving alone increases your chances of winning!

Step 1: Join the Challenge online!

Step 2: Challenge yourself (and your friends!) to get to campus differently!
Try these life-affirming alternatives to the expense, road-rage, pollution, and parking hassles of driving alone:

  • BUS: Ride any TARC Airport RouteTARC route free with UofL ID (just swipe your card as you board - any time, anywhere).
  • CARDpool: Organize your own carpool with friends, family, colleagues, or classmates; or find rides & offer rides online through Cardinal Directions.
  • WALK, SKATE, or BIKE: Get your workout just by getting where you need to go under your own power! If you don't have your own bike, borrow one free from UofL Bikeshare or join LouVelo citywide bikeshare for half-price with your address ($7.50/month gets you unlimited trips of up to one hour without any additional charges).LouVelo BAB Station
  • VANPOOL: Employees can get in on a vanpool, get your ride home guaranteed, or enter to win additional monthly prizes with Every Commute Counts.
  • SKIP THE COMMUTE: Work or study from home for maximum convenience, savings, and safety!

* NOTE: Though certainly better than driving, getting around via lazy, coal-powered electric scooters does not qualify for this Challenge. Skip the dirty electricity and use your muscles to qualify!

Explore all of UofL's Sustainable Transportation Options.

Step 3: Log your trips to win!

The only way to be in the running for prizes is to log your commute trips online with Cardinal Directions.

Connect with us, trash-talk, and post about your commute on Facebook here.

And be sure to join us for our weekly themed events to get you engaged in the Challenge! The schedule is:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 31st, 11am - HRtalks Wellness Workshop: Active TransportationCards Commuter Challenge 2021 Event Schedule
  • Tuesday, Sept. 7th & Wednesday, Sept. 8th, 1-3pm
    Join us at the SAC Clocktower for some free Bike Blender Smoothies and Bike Tune-ups!
  • Friday, Sept. 17th - Carpool Challenge
    We challenge you to find a carpool…to school, work, restaurants, movies, etc....on 9/17. Use hashtag #CardsCommuterChallenge to share your Carpool Karaoke moments!
  • Thursday, Sept. 23rd, 5pm - Historic Walking Tour (meet at Humanities Quad)
    UofL Archivist and local historian, Tom Owen, will provide an educational walking tour of Belknap Campus and Old Louisville. Come talk a walk with us and learn from a UofL staff member (and former Metro Council Chair) who continues to walk, bike, take the bus, and carpool everywhere he goes!
  • Wednesday, Sept. 29th, 5pm - Skating Night (meet at Blue Lot across from The Ville Grill at 3rd & Brandeis)
    Skateboard, rollerblade, or roller skate on over the lot across from The Ville Grill for a fun night of skating together! We'll end the roll with ice cream at Comfy Cow!
May 1 - Sept. 30, 2021 Emily Coleman + new bike (2019 NBC winner)2021 National Bike Challenge
May 1st to September 30th, 2021

Saddle up and ride for Team UofL in the 2021 National Bike Challenge! Show your support for a healthy lifestyle and sustainable transportation. Register for the National Bike Challenge and Join Team UofL as an individual to compete against your peers. Simply log your trips by bicycle for fun, fitness, or transportation. Your miles and days cycled will qualify you for great prizes through Get Healthy Now, including the grand prize of a $400 voucher to a local bike shop, co-sponsored by UofL's Sustainability Council! The National Bike Challenge is open to everyone, however the Get Healthy Now competition is restricted to UofL employees, retirees, and their spouses/qualifying adults. Check out our online resources for UofL Bicyclists - with handy maps, videos, and tips for getting around town care-free and car-free!Love To Ride banner
Oct. 1, 2021 Emissions by Protein Type (source = Harvard)Plant Power!
Friday, Oct. 1st, 11am-1pm, Ville Grill
The Office of Health Promotion and UofL Dining invite you to join them at UofL's 30% locally-sourced, zero-waste, all-you-care-to-eat dining hall to discover the power of plants! Join us to try some plant-forward meals that sideline the death, abuse, and environmental destruction that comes with a meat-based meal in order to center the health and light-living embodied in delicious, protein-rich vegetarian and vegan meals!
Fridays, Aug. 20 - Dec. 10, 2021 Garden Commons Fall Workdays
Fridays, 12pm-1pm, Garden Commons (SW corner of Strickler Hall)
Garden Commons WorkdayAll are welcome at our weekly group workdays in UofL's organic Garden Commons at the southwest corner of Strickler Hall, east of the Speed Art Museum Parking Garage, and across the walkway from the Biology Department's Korfhage Native Plant Garden! Join us to learn (by doing) how to grow hyper-local, super-delicious vegetables, herbs, and fruits! Anyone can work in the garden any time, but we'll gather together every Friday at noon throughout the fall (Aug. 20 - Dec. 10) to harvest, weed, water, and plant. No prior experience necessary. Tools & gloves provided. Select dates will feature a special workshop on various topics: 9/3 Cool Weather Gardening; 9/17 Gardening as Resistance; 10/15 Medicinal Plants; 10/29 Tree Planting (UofL Arbor Day); and 11/19 Wreathmaking. The Garden Commons is open to participation any time from students, staff, faculty, and community members. Everyone who comes is welcome to share in the harvest! Connect with us and get all the details on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook Event.
Oct. 25-31, 2021 UofL Sustainability Week - Oct. 25-31, 2021
I Commit To... Campus Sustainability Day 2015A full week of events to celebrate, raise awareness, and engage your passions for environmental, social & economic justice! Final details TBA, but events include:

  • Monday, Oct. 25, – TBA
  • Tuesday, Oct. 26, 1pm – Sustainability Learning Café: Ethical Purchasing (online)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 27, 10am-2pm – 14th Annual Campus Sustainability Day Fair (Humanities Quad)
  • Thursday, Oct. 28, 11am – HRTalks Wellness Workshop: Plant-Based Diets(online)
  • Friday, Oct. 29, 10am-2pm – UofL Arbor Day Celebration 2021 (TENTATIVELY: 10am at HSC; 1pm at Belknap)
  • Friday, Oct. 29, Noon – EcoReps Lunch & Learn Workshop (Ekstrom W264 or online)
  • Friday, Oct. 29, Noon – Garden Commons Workday (Strickler Hall)
  • Saturday, Oct. 30, – TBA
  • Sunday, Oct. 31, Noon-2pm – UofL Community Composting Volunteer Day (200 block of E. Bloom St. just one block north of Cardinal Blvd. between Brook and Floyd Streets - map here)
UofL Sustainability Week is "crowd-sourced"! If you'd like to add an event to the calendar, please contact Justin Mog!
Oct. 26, 2021 Anchor Institutions graphicSustainability Learning Café: Ethical Purchasing
Tuesday, Oct. 26th 1pm on Microsoft Teams
Put your money where your mouth is! Join us to hear from a team of UofL experts working to advance sustainable purchasing within departments and across the university community as a whole. Learn about UofL’s Anchor Mission Initiative and how the purchases you make (either personal or on behalf of UofL) can help support a vibrant, sustainable local economy that invests in diversity, cooperatives, green businesses, and other values we hold in common. Utilizing our Purchasing Priorities and Planning (P3) Tool, you’ll be able to track your purchasing habits and work towards building wealth in long-neglected communities right here in Louisville. Presenters:
•    Henry Cunningham, Director of Community Engagement
•    Tom Walton, Executive In Residence at UofL’s School of Public Health and Information Sciences
•    Ariana Levinson, Professor of Law
•    Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives
This is a UofL Sustainability Week event!REGISTRATION TBA

Oct. 28, 2021 HRtalks Wellness Workshop: Plant-Based Diets
Thursday, Oct. 28th, 11am, online
Join Get Healthy Now to learn how to vote with your fork for a healthier you and a healthier planet! When done right, plant-based diets are delicious, satisfying, nutritious, and come with a significantly lower environmental footprint. All participants will earn points towards your $40 GHN monthly incentive! All faculty and staff are welcome. Registration TBA.

What did I miss?! Check out our Past Events log.

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