Interview: Brian Buford, Employee Success

On this week’s program, your host, Justin Mog, sits down for a chat with Brian Buford, the Director of Employee Success at the University of Louisville ( We spend so much of our time at work, but what kind of culture do we cultivate at our workplaces? Join us for an exciting conversation about employee engagement and creating a workplace that is meaningful, supportive, and helps people do their best. We discuss what makes work meaningful, why it matters, and the role gratitude plays in all of it.

Brian has also been a long-time advocate for greater LGBT inclusion, especially at work. You won’t want to miss his thoughts about what true inclusion really looks like and whether we are in a post-tolerance moment? And stay tuned to the end, when we explore Brian’s passion for REALLY long walks!

As always, our feature is followed by your community action calendar for the week, so get your calendars out and get ready to take action for sustainability NOW!

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Source: Interview: Brian Buford, Employee Success (Sustainability Now!, Forward Radio 106.5fm, May 27, 2024)