Iyana Burton - Master of Sustainability Student of the Year Award Winner

Congratulations to the amazing Iyana Burton on her outstanding accomplishments and being awarded Master of Sustainability Outstanding Student of the Year by UofL's Department of Urban & Public Affairs! This is truly an amazing accomplishment and UofL Sustainability is proud!

Iyana shares some insight on her experience in the Sustainability Masters Program, words of encouragement, and advice for current and incoming students:

“During my time in the masters program, I was the sustainable communications intern for the Partnership for a Green City, under Brent Fryrear. I redeveloped their website and used this for my capstone on the importance of scientific communication and knowing how to communicate effectively to your audience when on social media. Outside of my capstone, I enjoyed studying the behavioral reasons behind why people shop for fast fashion and I also worked extensively on a paper about how to improve Olmsted Parks in west Louisville.

I’d encourage anyone in the program to take advantage of the versatility of the degree. I enjoyed studying social and environmental sustainability and I would suggest that current or incoming students chose challenging electives to help them further understand the scope of how interdisciplinary the study of sustainability truly is.”

Iyana and Program Director, Dr. Tamara Sluss

We are grateful for the opportunity to feature Iyana and we acknowledge her hard work to achieve such an excellent accomplishment.

We hope her insight and dedication has inspired you to persevere and push yourself outside of your comfort zone!

“This Master of Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability program is an initiative of the University of Louisville’s Sustainability Council which seeks to integrate sustainability into everything that goes on at UofL.  Students in the program are encouraged to contribute to the Sustainability Council’s efforts to explore sustainable solutions for UofL and our community.”