Unitas Tower wins the Ecolympics Drawdown!!

Ecolympics Drawdown 2023 Final StandingsCongratulations to residents of Unitas Tower for winning this year’s Ecolympics Drawdown competition by reducing electricity use by 10.8% over the last three weeks! They will win a house party sponsored by RHA!

Honorable mention goes to the residents of other halls that were able to reduce their consumption from February 6-26: Billy Minardi (9.9%), Bettie Johnson (4.5%), Louisville Hall (4%), Belknap Village South (3.8%), and Belknap Village North (1%).

Ride the wave of conservation and you can still inspire your friends and win prizes in Ecolympics through March 25th – unplug, turn off, take stairs, line dry clothes, do laundry in cold water, etc. Just share your green actions on social media at tag @UofLSustainable or submit them through our online form to win the Grand Prize, or one of eight fabulous weekly prize baskets!

Congrats to our first four weekly Ecolympics winners!

Week 1: Alyssa Burton, a Student Assistant in Health Management & Systems Science, was the first weekly winner in UofL’s Ecolympics 2023. We were inspired by the astounding nine sustainable actions she shared: washing laundry in cold water, commuting by TARC, visiting the Free Store, using reusable shopping bags, bringing lunch in reusable container instead of takeout, recycling, creating a Sustainable Living guide, using a reusable water bottle, and volunteering for Louisville Grows! She won our UofL Dining prize pack!

Week 2: Hailey Mattingly, a GTA in Political Science, won Ecolympics week 2 by inspiring us all with her green actions, including composting food scraps at home, carpooling with colleagues, recycling, & donating unwanted items. She took home our sustainable cinema prize pack!

Week 3: Anna Dittman, a first-year sustainability major, won Ecolympics week 3 by reusing old cards and magazines for making valentines, using reusable grocery bags, recycling, carpooling with friends and refilling at UofL’s water filling stations! She won our health & wellness prize pack.

Week 4: Patty Payette, Find Your Fit Director in the Delphi Center, won last week’s WestRock Recycling prize pack! She organized an e-waste recycling drive in her neighborhood and delivered all of the items to UofL, keeping toxins out of the landfill and useful materials in a circular economy.

Join Patty! RECYCLE E-WASTE! through March 15th in special collection bins available at:

  • BAB (1st floor lobby)
  • SAC (3rd Floor, beside W310 Student Affairs Office)
  • Duthie Center at Speed School of Engineering (1st Floor Student Study Area, SE corner)
  • HSC Kornhauser Library (1st floor lobby behind elevators)

Stop by any time to drop off any of the following types of electronics for recycling: all computers, monitors, televisions, printers, copiers, scanners, servers, networking equipment, fax machines, telephones and cellphones, RAM/memory, hard drives, battery backups, and peripherals such as keyboards, mice, speakers, AC adapters, and mixed computer cables/wires. Separate bins will also be available for recycling of any type of battery, lamps/bulbs, or ink/toner cartridges. We are partnering with UofL's eSports Club to help you Trash the competition, not the planet! Full details here.

Win Me - Ecolympics 2023 Grand Prize Bike