Cardinal Commitment Grant

The University of Louisville is excited to offer the Cardinal Commitment Grant to first-time students from the state of Kentucky entering UofL in the fall of 2022.  This grant is intended to provide Pell-eligible students who have demonstrated success in the classroom with the financial support needed to attend a four-year university.

About the Cardinal Commitment Grant

The Cardinal Commitment Grant is a "last dollar scholarship" intended to fill the gap between a student's financial aid and the cost of tuition. The award amount is calculated by subtracting all federal and state need-based grants, KEES as well as university and institutional aid from the cost of tuition. 

This award is renewable for students who continue to meet satisfactory progress. The award amount is locked for renewed years, regardless of changes to a student's state or federal aid.

First Year Criteria

Incoming freshmen interested in the Cardinal Commitment Grant must apply to UofL by March 1, 2022 and have all supporting materials (application fee, transcripts, etc.) submitted by March 7, 2022. The deadline to apply to UofL and be considered for this grant has been extended to May 1.

  • Apply to UofL using the Take Flight application or Common App by May 1, 2022
  • Submit high school transcript, $25 non-refundable application fee by May 1, 2022
  • Students on free/reduced lunch do not pay an application fee
  • Kentucky Resident
  • 3.25 weighted high school GPA
  • Federal-aid eligible and must receive a Pell Grant (Students must have submitted FAFSA by May 1, 2022.)
  • Begin enrollment at UofL full time in Fall 2022


The University of Louisville will continue to award the Cardinal Commitment each semester until the student's first Bachelor's degree is awarded.

  • The award amount is locked based on the Cardinal Commitment award amount offered in the students' first year at UofL.
  • The Cardinal Commitment is only awarded for fall and spring semesters, not summer.*
  • Change in federal or state aid, including Pell, SEOG, CAP, KEES or institutional merit aid does not result in an increased or decreased award in future semesters.

Renewal Criteria

  • Must be enrolled full time each semester to receive the award.
  • Must maintain continuous attendance (does not include summers)
  • Must file FAFSA each year by February 15
  • Must meet satisfactory academic progress.


Contact Office of Student Financial Aid at 502-852-5511 or for any questions concerning aid eligibility or renewal criteria.

Contact the Office of Admissions at 502-852-6531 or for any questions concerning status of your admissions application or GPA requirement.


*Students in the J.B. Speed School of Engineering will receive this award for their first summer semester.