Get back to the TAP this fall!

UofL Gets Back to the Tap

UofL’s Sustainability Council and the publicly-owned, award-winning Louisville Water Company are again collaborating this year to educate students, faculty & staff on the value of getting #backtothetap with events, guest lectures, and those informative signs you’ve seen above our water filling station around campus (like at the SRC, SAC, Strickler, College of Business, and Ekstrom Library). #puretapcards

Do you know where our drinking water comes from? Do you know what it takes to pump and treat that water to get it to you? Do you know why Louisville tap is safer, cheaper, and waaaaaay better for the planet than bottled water?

Just as a teaser, consider the economic value to getting back to the tap. Filling a glass 60 times with Louisville’s tap water costs just a penny. Consuming the recommended eight glasses of water a day from the tap costs around 50 cents a year, compared to $1,500 for buying bottled water.

Explore the political & global concerns around water and the local success story. Louisville Water’s story of science & public health can bring real-world examples to your classroom, lab, or club this semester. The Louisville Water Company will gladly provide staff for guest lectures or offer tours.

Contact Louisville Water Co.’s Kelley Dearing Smith to arrange a tour or guest lecture for your class, club, or other campus group: or 502.569.3695.

And be sure to bring a reusable bottle with you to campus so you can fill-up on Louisville’s award-winning tap water! Get it at any one of the many chilled tap water filling stations located around campus! Here’s just a partial list of locations:

  • Belknap Academic Classroom Building – all floors
  • I Commit To Boycott Bottled Water (Campus Sustainability Day 2016)Bettie Johnson Hall – lobby
  • Boat House
  • College of Business – all floors
  • College of Education – 1st floor Lobby and near Dean’s office
  • Community Park – lobby
  • Davidson Hall – 1st floor
  • Ernst Hall – 1st floor
  • Ekstrom Library – 1st & 2nd floors
  • Ford Hall – 1st & 3rd floors
  • Get Healthy Now Employee Wellness Center
  • Gottschalk Hall – 1st floor
  • Humanities – 1st floor
  • J. B. Speed – 1st floor at elevator
  • Kurz Hall – lobby
  • Law School – 1st floor & 2nd floor east and west
  • Life Sciences – 3rd floor
  • Louisville Hall – lobby
  • Lutz Hall – 1st & 3rd floors
  • Lynn Soccer Stadium
  • Music Library
  • Natural Sciences – 1st floor
  • Service Complex – 1st floor
  • Strickler Hall – 1st & 4th floors
  • Student Activities Center – all floors
  • Student Rec Center – all floors
  • Threlkeld Hall – lobby
  • Unitas Hall – lobby
  • University Tower Apts – lobby
  • Urban Studies Institute – 1st and 2nd floors
  • W.S. Speed – 1st floor
  • Kornhauser Library 2nd floor
  • K Building 2nd floor
  • Dental School 1st floor hallway
  • School of Medicine (55A) 1st floor student lounge

Ekstrom Library Sign