Cards Commuter Challengers prevent 2276lbs. of carbon pollution over 3381 miles, saving $1613, and burning 121,989 calories!

2023 Cards Commuter Challenge LogoFrom August 28 - September 30, 2023, students, faculty and staff across the University of Louisville participated in the Cards Commuter Challenge, an annual competition sponsored by the university-wide Sustainability Council to encourage people to save money, burn calories, put an end to pollution, and win prizes…all by simply choosing to get to campus in a new way!

Participants recorded their trips on Cardinal Directions throughout the Challenge, and each week they had the chance to win one of the $50 weekly prizes or the $250 Grand Prize! Any trip by means other than driving alone increased your chances of winning.

Weekly $50 Winners included:

  1. David Henry, staff in Infectious Diseases, who rode TARC free to/from work four days in week 1
  2. Physical Plant program assistant, Jessi Stivers, who rode TARC free to/from work four days in week 2
  3. Emma Beck from Library Archives, who left worries about parking or traffic in the dust through telework and free transit in week 3
  4. Dental Systems Analyst, Clinton Coulter, who enjoyed perfect fall weather bicycling to/from work every day in week 4

2023 Cards Commuter Challenge Final ResultsWe were thrilled with our collective accomplishments: Over the five weeks, participants logged 828 trips on foot, bike, bus, carpool, or telecommuting, mitigating 2276 pounds of carbon pollution over 3381 miles, saving $1,613, and burning 121,989 calories!

Congratulations go out to UofL's Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives, Justin Mog, who logged the most trips (68 trips by bicycle and carpool, totaling 619 miles!) and to our Grand Prize $250 raffle winner: Biology professor, Linda Fuselier, who was randomly selected from all the participants after logging 20 trips by bicycle.

Here are the final standings (View Leaderboard):

Cardinal Directions is UofL's free trip-planning and carpool-matching service!

Rank Name
1 Justin Mog 68
2 Tonja Craig 62
3 Rachel Singel 58
4 Janisha Szabo 57
5 LaRee Shontee 56
6 Chloe Forsting 55
7 Jessi Stivers 50
8 William Cull 48
9 Chad White 40
10 Clinton Coulter 39
11 Emma Beck 39
12 David Henry 38
13 Sophia Anner 38
14 Jacqueline Gallagher 36
15 Hannah Cochran 30
16 Tonja Craig 20
17 Linda Fuselier 20
18 Rachel Singel 14
19 Avery Kolers 13
20 Alyssa Burton 8
21 Andrew Lynn 8
22 Scott Campbell 6
23 Shauntrice Martin 4
24 Anastasia Bricest 4
25 Angelina Reinert 4
26 Steffany Gayton 2
27 Jacek Jasinski 2
28 Jahnavi Doddapaneni 2
29 Mark French 2
30 Johnathon Bales 2
31 Sarah Frankel 2
32 Trevor Cesario 1

TARC Airport RouteThough this year's Challenge is over, we encourage you to keep up the momentum throughout the year!

  • Register for free on the Cardinal Directions trip-finding and carpool-matching platform
  • Try these life-affirming alternatives to the expense, road-rage, pollution, and parking hassles of driving alone:
  • BUS: Ride any TARC route free with UofL ID (just swipe your card as you board - any time, anywhere).
  • CARDpool: Organize your own carpool with friends, family, colleagues, or classmates; or find rides & offer rides online through Cardinal Directions.
  • WALK, SKATE, or BIKE: Get your workout just by getting where you need to go under your own power! If you don't have your own bike, borrow one free from UofL BikeshareBlair Pickle, Anthony Riley, Sam Shaw.
  • VANPOOL: Employees can get in on a vanpool, get your ride home guaranteed, or enter to win additional  prizes with Every Commute Counts.
  • SKIP THE COMMUTE: Work or study from home for maximum convenience, savings, and safety!

Explore all of UofL's Sustainable Transportation Options.