VIDEO: Let’s Make A Deal: Trading Parking Permits for Bicycles

Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives at the University of Louisville, shares the details and success of their efforts to defer building new parking by shifting commuter behavior. Learn how bike vouchers have become a popular alternative to parking privileges. Download slideshow PDF here.

CommuteCon 2017 was an online transportation demand management conference hosted on February 8th by the carpool-matching and trip-finding platform builder, RideAmigos, which manages UofL's platform known as Cardinal Directions. The conference featured 16 impact-focused sessions over 4 hours. RideAmigos was thrilled to present this fun, informative, and accessible opportunity for learning and collaboration with industry leaders, relevant topics, and opportunities to interact. Over 500 people registered for this amazing, free event and all of the content is now available online.

WATCH: Let’s Make A Deal: Trading Parking Permits for Bicycles (CommuteCon, Feb. 8, 2017)