Take a Conservation Vacation This Holiday!

Santa's North Pole is melting, but you can help by taking a few simple steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When you leave for the holidays: turn thermostats down to 55 and close windows tight. Empty and unplug refrigerators and freezers prior to leaving. Unplug chargers, printers, TVs & non-essential equipment. Get in the habit by switching everything off on a power strip daily. Always shut off computers & lights when vacating a room. Make a New Year’s resolution to carpool, bus, or bike more and to trade that space heater for a sweater. Santa thanks you.

More tips for a greener holiday here.

Fire safety tips for the holiday break.
Fire safety tips for the holiday break.

UofL Fire Marshal Dwain Archer has released the following safety tips for students and employees to follow prior to leaving on holiday vacation. They include several tips that will also help conserve energy and resources, saving the university money and saving us all from unnecessary climate-changing carbon pollution:

  • Before leaving for the holidays, disconnect space heaters, decorative lights, personal coffee pots, battery chargers, and other non-essential energy consuming appliances
  • Unblock exit paths in rooms, offices, and hallways and have no longer needed furniture and equipment picked up by Surplus Property
  • Lower office temperature thermostats to the holiday setting of 55◦F

See full article: UofL Fire Marshal releases holiday fire safety tips (UofL News, Nov. 26, 2018)