Interview: Critical Thinking for Sustainability

On this week’s Sustainability Now!, your host, Justin Mog, sits down with two fellow programmers and UofL colleagues, Patty Payette & Brian Barnes. They are the team behind "Critical Thinking For Everyone,” heard on Forward Radio every Thursday at 5pm, midnight & 11am Friday. In addition to radio stardom, Brian is also a professor of Philosophy & Business Ethics at UofL, IUS, Bellarmine, and Spalding; and he is Director of UofL's EcoReps Program & Community Composting Project. Patty works at UofL's Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, where she is Executive Director of the Find Your Fit program. Together, we have a rich conversation about the ways we think about and act to advance sustainability, and how critical thinking relates to the concept.

Learn more about Brian’s projects at:…ations/composting

As always, our feature is followed by your community action calendar for the week, so get your calendars out and get ready to take action for sustainability NOW!

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