Interview: Avalon Gupta-VerWiebe & Sydney Hancock, UofL Garden Interns

On this week’s edition of Sustainability Now!, your host, Justin Mog, takes a break from weeding his plots for a chat with UofL Garden Interns, Avalon Gupta-VerWiebe and Sydney Hancock. Avalon is a senior public health major, Sydney is a liberal studies major, and both have adopted Kentucky as their homes. In this conversation we talk about the Garden Commons at UofL, how you can get involved and enjoy the pleasures of growing and foraging food. We also touch on food justice, the Green New Deal, and, in honor of our nation’s recent Independence Day, we discuss what things we have declared our independence from for sustainability!

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Source: Interview: Avalon Gupta-VerWiebe & Sydney Hancock, UofL Garden Interns (Sustainability Now, Forward Radio 106.5fm, July 8, 2019)