Belknap Campus - Health Sciences Center Shuttle becomes TARC Route 28

Belknap Bus StationOn January 26, 2020, the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) instituted changes to Route 18, splitting it into two routes (18 and 28), both originating at 6th and Jefferson downtown. Like all TARC routes, these services are completely free to anyone with a valid UofL ID.

For a free, convenient, fast ride between Belknap Campus and the Health Sciences Center, simply hop on the new Route 28 (see schedule/map) and swipe your UofL ID. Catch Route 28 at:
HSC:S Preston @ E Muhammad Ali, E Chestnut, or Broadway
Belknap Campus:Cardinal Blvd @ Brook, S Floyd @ the Student Activity Center (SAC), or University Blvd @ S Floyd.

Route 28 provides frequent shuttle service between UofL's two main campuses with just 15 minutes between buses M-F 5am-11pm (30-minutes on Saturdays, 60-minutes on Sundays/Holidays).

Route 28 also provides direct service to both UofL campuses from downtown, UPS, Jefferson Mall, and Okolona/Preston Hwy.

Use TARC's online Trip Planner for real-time bus schedules and information about where to catch the bus.

More information: RiderAlert: Route 18 Changes (Split into two routes #18 & #28) (TARC)