The UofL Sustainability Council offers a limited number of paid internships each year for particularly passionate students who are interested in learning by doing.

Our Sustainability Internships are open to any qualified UofL student (undergraduate or graduate, full- or part-time).

Pay & Hours: All interns will be paid $11/hour (no benefits) for an average of 10 hours/week throughout the fall and spring semesters. Some positions may be extended into the summer or renewed in the following academic year.

Application Process & Deadline: Each position is described below. Students should apply for the one position they are most interested in. Internships will begin in the fall and are for the 2017-18 academic year. At least a one-year commitment is strongly preferred. For most positions, the deadline to apply was August 23, 2017.

2017-18 UofL Sustainability Internships

Zero Waste Internship

Erin KurtzOur 2017-19 Zero Waste Intern is
Erin Kurtz, (502) 298-6673

The Zero Waste intern will take on a new position in the role of advocate and activist (versus working 'behind the scenes') for waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting on campus. More details about UofL’s Zero Waste efforts can be found here. This means a profound increase in visibility from former interns, as described below. We thank our partners at QRS Recycling and Republic Services for co-sponsoring our 2017-18 Zero Waste Internship!


  • Facilitating the return and expansion of the Trash Mob Flash Mob demonstrations;
  • Working as (and recruiting volunteers to serve as) a Trash Talker stationed at the SAC and at various large campus events to promote proper waste disposal (this would also include surveying students about their knowledge of zero-waste efforts and gathering information on what would help align the project more closely with student needs and capabilities);
  • Producing two videos related to zero/reduced-waste efforts;

  • Regular observation of high-trash buildings such as Humanities to report on and sort trash-recyclable contamination in containers;
  • Working with our UofL Housing composting project to maintain awareness and compliance of RAs and front desk staff (including educating staff on checking compost bins for non-compostables and adding a top carbon layer when needed and working to have items added to shift checklists to ensure bins are in their proper locations with the related signage and receptacles for paper);
  • Recruiting and engaging student groups and individuals to volunteer for projects, including the operation of the UofL Free Store (the intern may also help staff the Free Store directly);
  • Engage campus population through contests and promotions to grow community interest in UofL’s Recycling, Reuse and Composting programs, including RecycleMania (spring 2018)
  • In addition, we hope the chosen candidate would also have or develop some of their own ideas to plan and implement (with our assistance).


  • Must have a demonstrated passion for sustainability and waste reduction.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to manage projects with relatively little oversight.
  • Must be willing and able to perform physical labor, including dirty, all-weather conditions
  • Must demonstrate an ability to provide regular and predictable attendance and effective communication
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

Contact: Dr. Brian Barnes, EcoReps Director, at or 502-338-1338 (text or call).

Sustainability Communication Internship

Henny Ransdell
Our 2017-18 Sustainability Communications Interns are
Henrietta "Henny" Ransdell, 270-816-0774 and Virginia "Carly" Nunamaker, 502-417-1431Carly Nunamaker


Summary: UofL has a wide variety of sustainability initiatives designed to enhance our environmental stewardship while creating a more equitable society and fiscally responsible university. The Sustainability Council is seeking an intern to help us tell our story in a way that is engages students, employees, and the public in the process of reshaping our community. In addition to publicizing events and projects, we need assistance getting people involved, driving behavior change, and making the campus itself speak to our values. More details about UofL’s sustainability efforts can be found here.


Specific tasks will be tailored to the successful applicant’s particular skills and interests, but potential tasks include:

  • Engage students, faculty, and staff in UofL’s sustainability events and initiatives, though social networking and other communication tools;
  • Create content (videos, photos, text) for the UofL Sustainability website, UofL Today, and social media;
  • Assist with the production and editing of UofL EcoReps training videos;
  • Write articles about UofL sustainability events and initiatives for publication in The Louisville Cardinal and/or UofL Today (or coordinate the authoring of articles by others);
  • Design signs/brochures/displays/mobile apps to increase the visibility of UofL sustainability initiatives and make the campus itself more educational about sustainability and how everyone can make a difference.


  • Must have a demonstrated passion for sustainability.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to manage projects with relatively little oversight.
  • Must have well-honed writing and editing skills, excellent interpersonal communication skills, and knowledge of social networking tools.
  • Photography and/or video skills a plus.
  • Journalism or writing experience helpful.
  • Interest in strategic communication, persuasion, or behavior change useful.
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

Contact: Nick Paliewicz, Professor of Communication, (502) 852-1002,

UofL Community Composting Internship

Our 2015-18 Community Composting Intern is Kandi Stinson


Summary: UofL’s Eco-Reps Program is looking for a student intern to help pick-up organics in our van for composting (especially coffee grounds from Heine Bros Coffee locations around town) and deliver them to our worksite adjacent to campus and to our community partners at Blackacre State Nature Preserve. Pick-ups occur twice per week. The intern will also be involved in on-going maintenance of the on-campus composting operations and will learn to care for the worms that make our vermicompost. More details about UofL’s Composting efforts can be found here.

  • Gathering and processing compostables (including driving van on regular collection routes)
  • Caring for live worm populations
  • Digging and turning compost
  • Lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds short distances
  • Helping orient and manage volunteers
  • Tending the small garden at the composting site
  • Working outdoors in all weather conditions


  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must be willing and able to perform dirty, physical labor in all weather conditions
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

Contact: Brian Barnes, UofL EcoReps Director, 502-338-1338,

Bike Mechanic Internship

Our 2015-18 Bike Mechanic Intern is Riley Kneale
Our 2018-19 Bike Mechanic Intern is Alex Hardy, (270) 319 8642


Summary: The UofL Sustainability Council seeks an intern with experience in bicycle maintenance, repair, and  restoration to assist us in providing bike maintenance services. The intern’s primary responsibility will be to provide on-going services to restore, repair, and maintain the University’s bicycle fleet. The University bicycle fleet continues to grow, but currently includes over 40 bikes, including those in the UofL BikeShare Program (ll check-out locations); work bikes used on-campus by employees (Physical Plant, Parking, University Police, Libraries); and utility tricycles used on-campus by employees (IT Help Desk, and the Office of Health Promotion). When there are no pressing repair needs (especially in the winter), the intern will be in charge of restoring impounded bicycles that have been abandoned on campus so that we can add to our fleets. A few times each semester, the intern will also be called upon to assist with occasional campus events at which bike tune-ups will be offered to provide instruction and assistance to students, faculty and staff interested in learning how to work on their own bikes. More details about UofL’s Bicycling initiatives can be found here.


  • The intern will be expected to travel around campus to regularly check on fleet bikes, to maintain our five bike fixit stations, and to provide on-site bike maintenance services at all bikeshare locations.
  • The intern will be on-call for any bike maintenance needs and must be able to respond in a timely fashion.
  • The intern will be in charge of restoring impounded bicycles that have been abandoned on campus to expand our fleet.
  • A few times each semester, the intern will assist with free bike tune-ups and instruction for students, faculty and staff at campus events.


  • A skilled, physically-fit, self-directed individual is sought
  • Must have basic knowledge of bicycle maintenance
  • Prior experience working in a bike shop and/or instructing others in bike maintenance preferred
  • Having own tools and bicycle preferred
  • Must be self-motivated and able to manage projects with relatively little oversight.
  • Must be willing and able to perform dirty, physical labor in all weather conditions
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

Contact: Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives, 502-852-8575,

Garden & Farmers Market Internship


Garden Interns: Avalon Gupta VerWiebe & Ellie MillerOur 2017-18 Garden & Farmers Market Interns are Avalon Gupta-Verwiebe, 502-377-2712  and
Ellie Miller, 502-758-3834

Summary: The UofL Sustainability Council seeks an intern with experience in gardening and an interest in local, healthy food to assist with the operations and promotion of both our Campus Gardens (year-round) and our UofL Farmers Markets (May-October). Tasks will be as follows:

Garden Duties (year-round):

  • Serve as the primary point-person and coordinator to encourage others (particularly students, but staff, faculty, and community members as well) to utilize and learn from our campus food gardens.
  • Set up, staff, and promote a regular series of group workdays and workshops in the garden.
  • Manage garden planning and work planning to maintain the garden and associated greenhouse, compost bins, and rain barrels (with the help of volunteers) year-round.
  • Establish and maintain signage in the garden to encourage participation, informing people of future workdays/workshops and what's available to harvest.

Farmers Market Duties (mid-May to October):

  • Assist market managers with basic operational tasks during markets on Thursdays.
  • Help promote the markets to students and others (through social media, newsletters, chalking, flyers, etc.).
  • Operate a mobile mini-market on market days (Thursdays) taking farmers market products around campus and surrounding neighborhoods to sell and promote the market.


  • A skilled, physically-fit, self-directed individual is sought
  • Must be willing and able to perform dirty, physical labor in all weather conditions
  • Must have basic knowledge of gardening and organic methods
  • Prior experience working on a farm or home garden preferred
  • Must be self-motivated and able to manage projects and volunteers with relatively little oversight
  • Good people-skills and communication skills a must
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

Contact: Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives, 502-852-8575,


Additional Sustainability-Related Internships at UofL

  1. Model Green Dorm Room - Anna Roeder 10-15-09Campus Housing’s Co-Undergraduate Coordinator for Sustainability
    Interested in becoming a sustainability leader and promoting green living on campus? The Green Room gives students who have a passion for sustainability an opportunity to experience and facilitate sustainable living practices on campus. The students who reside in the Green Room for the 2017 - 2018 academic year will assume the leadership position, Co-Undergraduate Coordinator for Sustainability.
    It is a double occupancy room, renovated in 2009 using green design principles, featuring several innovative amenities such as bamboo flooring, low-flow bathroom fixtures, a self-healing clay wall, ceiling fan, and large windows. These unique features not only make the Green Room unlike any other on campus, but they help reduce costs by minimizing energy and water usage. Full details and application.
  2. Peace Studies Internship/Scholarship for 2017-18
    The Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation program has two scholarship opportunities for undergraduates in 2017-18. Each student will be expected to work with the program director approximately 70 hours/semester (4 hours/week) to support one of our university’s newest programs: the undergraduate certificate in Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation (PJCT). Preference will be given to students pursuing the undergraduate certificate. The precise amount of the scholarship is still being established.
    Responsibilities include:
    - help organizing PeaceDay (Sept. 21), UofL’s annual commemoration of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace;
    - outreach to residence halls, Greek organizations, RSOs and more to expand awareness of PJCT and create links for existing philanthropy and other initiatives to change the world;
    - participate actively with Students for Peace and Justice, a new RSO
    - support PEAC courses: 325 “Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation Fundamentals”; 350 “Basics of Mediation”; 550 “Service Learning in Peacebuilding”
    - attend outreach events such as Advising Fair, Cards in the Community, and more to represent the program
    - create a campus peacebuilding project that reflects the intern/scholar's passions and interests.
    Contact: Dr. Russell Vandenbroucke, Director, to set up an interview:; 502-852-8448.
  3. UofL's Sustainability Council welcomes anyone interested in implementing a project on our campus or community through the Environmental Leadership Program offered by the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center (1924 Newburg Road, Louisville, KY 40205). This program is for people who are passionate about environmental issues and want to make a difference. Similar to an internship, participants choose from a range of projects that match their interests and inclinations.
  4. Each summer 2013-2016, UofL hosted undergrads & recent grads interested in an amazing for-credit summer program that combined coursework in food systems with leadership and professional-skills training. UofL hosted 1-2 FoodWorks interns each summer. FoodWorks is a 9-week integrated program running at three separate sites: Middlebury College (VT), Louisville (KY), and Washington D.C. The mission of FoodWorks is to cultivate leadership using an educational approach comprised of systems thinking, experiential learning, and cohort living built around academic content and context in food studies. The curriculum involves a for-credit course, Experiencing Food Systems taught by Middlebury Professor of Food Studies Molly Anderson, that combines academic readings with weekly trips to meet the movers and shakers of the food system. Each student applies for an internship, where they work 24 hours a week. They also receive a $2,000 non-qualified scholarship to offset expenses. The Louisville FoodWorks site is ON HOLD for 2017.

UofL Sustainability Intern Alumni

Ellie Miller, Garden & Farmers Market Intern 2015-162016-18 Garden & Farmers Market Intern,
Ellie Miller

2015-18 Bike Mechanic Intern, Riley Kneale

2016-17 Sustainability Communications Intern, Virginia “Carly” Nunamaker

2016-17 Zero Waste Intern, Onajia Stubblefield
UofL Sustainability Communications Intern 2015-16, Caroline Miller2015-16 Communications Intern, Caroline Miller