People from all over UofL are involved in sustainability initiatives. These are some key contacts.

UofL Student Groups addressing sustainability issues

Other UofL Campus Sustainability Groups

Local Organizations promoting sustainability in our community

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Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives

Justin Mog
justin.mog (at)
Room 215, Urban & Public Affairs
426 W Bloom St.
Louisville, KY 40208

Ellen TrahanUofL Dining (Aramark) Sustainability Coordinator

Ellen Trahan
Barringer-ellen (at)

Sustainability Council Chair

Dave Simpson (Chair, Dept. of Urban & Public Affairs)
dmsimp01 (at)

Sustainable Operations Committee ChairSajid Mian

Sajid Mian (AVP Facilities Management)
sajid.mian (at)

Subcommittee Chairs:

Sustainability Planning & Administration Committee Chair; and

Partnership for a Green City DirectorBrent Fryrear

Brent Fryrear
brent (at)

Subcommittee Chair:

Sustainability Education & Research Committee ChairTamara Sluss

Tamara Sluss (Dir. Interdisciplinary Masters in Sustainability)
tamara.sluss (at)

Brian Barnes

Sustainability Engagement Committee Chair
& Eco-Reps Program Director

Brian Barnes (Philosophy)
brian.barnes (at)

Henny RansdellStudent Government Association

Henny Ransdell (2020-21 Services V-P)

henrietta.ransdell (at)

Interns 2018-19Sustainability Council Interns

Positions and contact information available here.

Green Unit Teams for Sustainability (GUTS) Representatives

Dean-appointed sustainability representatives at the school or college level who work together with UofL's Sustainability Council to improve and facilitate initiatives, programming, and activities in their units and across the University.




School of Law

Scott Campbell

scott.campbell (at)

College of Education & Human Development

Sherri Brown

slbrow15 (at)

Kent School of Social Work

Sarah Caragianis

sjcara01 (at)

Medical School

Karan Chavis

k0chav01 (at)

Dental School

MaryPat Chiavaroli

mlchia01 (at)

Speed School of Engineering

Dr. Jacek Jasinski

j0jasi01 (at)

College of Arts & Sciences

LyShanna Cunningham

l.cunningham (at)

Music School

Stephen Mattingly

School of Public Health & Information Sciences

Bob Esterhay

rjeste01 (at)

School of Nursing

Dr. Luz Huntington-Moskos

lghunt02 (at)

College of Business

Katina Kulow

 katina.kulow (at)


Sarah Drerup

Sustainability Council Departmental Liaisons

Liaisons are a first point of contact with their respective departments (or units). The purpose of this role is to improve coordination and planning across campus, helping to build a stronger, more connected social network for sustainability research, teaching, administration, and operations. They work to actively inform their departmental Chairs and colleagues about important sustainability activities, basically helping connect departments with the Sustainability Council and its committees. They also work to inform the Council and its committees about department culture, needs, and opportunities.





Angela Story
Jonathan Haws
angela.storey (at)
jonathan.haws (at)

Brandeis School of Law

Tony Arnold

caarno02 (at)


Mark Running Mark.running (at)


Ying (Julie) Huang
Beth Davis-Sramek
y.huang (at)
elizabeth.davissramek (at)


Classical/Modern Languages


Nick Paliewicz nicholas.paliewicz (at)

Dental School

Gerald Grant gtgran01 (at)


Education & Human Development

Sherri Brown

slbrow15 (at)


Engineering (Speed School)

Mark McGinley
Dr. Jacek Jasinski
m.mcginley (at)
j0jasi01 (at)

Fine Arts

Ying Kit Chan
Moon-he Baik
ying.chan (at)
moon (at)


Humanities Karl Swinehart karl.swinehart (at)
Latin American and Latino Studies Anna Browne Ribeiro anna.browneribeiro (at)
Mathematics Csaba Biro c0biro01 (at)
Medical School Karan Chavis k0chav01 (at)
Military Science
Music School Bruce Heim dbheim01 (at)
Nursing Dr. Luz Huntington-Moskos lghunt02 (at)
Pan African Studies
Philosophy Brian Barnes brian.barnes (at)
Physics and Astronomy
Political Science Rodger Payne rodger.payne (at)
Public Health & Information Science Scott LaJoie
Aruni Bhatnagar
scott.lajoie (at)
aruni.bhatnagar (at)
Psychological & Brain Sciences Daniel DeCaro daniel.decaro (at)
Social Work (Kent School) Sarah Caragianis sjcara01 (at)
Urban & Public Affairs Daniel DeCaro
David Simpson
daniel.decaro (at)
david.simpson (at)
Women & Gender Studies

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