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The University of Louisville Policy and Procedure Library is a repository of current university-wide administrative policies and associated procedures. Find the information you need by searching the collection using the topic, keyword index, document name or alpha-numeric identifier. You may also search by category in the menu below.

Please note, individual schools and departments may maintain additional policies and/or procedures. However, such documents do not override official university-wide administrative policies and associated procedures.

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Policies and procedures related to university accounting, budget and financial planning, financial reporting, payroll, procurement, and other financial matters. Listing includes (not limited to) purchases, fees, gifts, budgeting, tax matters, vehicles, moving, and accounts receivables.

Account Reconciliations Accounts Receivable Administrative Overhead Fee Agency Programs Alcoholic Beverage Purchases Annual Capital Asset Inventory Bid Protest Budget Entries and Revisions Budget Revisions Campus Sponsorship Capital Construction Projects (PDF) Cash Receipt - Deposit Handling Cellular Mobile Device and Service Plan Centers of Excellence Budgets Comprehensive Debt Continuing Education Financing Contract Advice of Change Credit Card PCI Merchants Policy Credit Card PCI Merchants Procedure De Minimis Gifts Deposit Methods Disposal of Surplus Personal Property Donations Effort Reporting Alignment with Annual Workload Agreements Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Receipts, Identified and Unclaimed Eligibility To Participate In Government Programs Endowment and Similar Funds Management Establishing Bank Accounts Establishment of PayPal Accounts Ethics in Purchasing Expenditure Authorization Financial Liquidity and Reserves Financial Transactions Spending Policy (PDF) Fuel Card Program Green Purchasing Internal Reallocation and Financial Incentive Strategy Kentucky Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Purchases Memorial Gifts Moving Expense New Vendor Requirements Non-competitive Negotiation Operating Funds Investment Payments for Research Study Participants Payroll and Other Expense Transfers Personal Service Contract Petty Cash Funds Position Budgeting Prepaid Gift Cards ProCard Program Procurement and Contract Authority Procurement and Record Keeping of Tax Free Alcohol Procurement Card Program Property Accounting Purchase by Competitive Negotiation Purchase by Competitive Sealed Bidding Purchase from Stockroom Purchase of Office Supplies Purchase of Pre-Owned and Reconditioned Equipment and Products Purchases from Correctional Industries Purchases from Employees Purchases Requiring Three Quotes Purchasing - Contracts Purchasing - Damaged Goods in Transit Purchasing - Emergency Purchases Purchasing - Long Term Lease Equipment Purchasing - Ordering Radioactive Material Printers, Copiers, and Printing Services Contracts Purchasing - Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Receipt of Purchase Orders Reciprocal Preference for Proposal or Bids Recording Returns of Duplicate, Incorrect or Defective Goods Recycled Material Content Relationship to State Remote Deposit Capture Reporting of Non Payroll Payments Reporting Transfer or Movement of Property Retaining Funds from Sale of Surplus Property Items Sales and Use Tax Segregation of Duties Service Center Soft Money Special Request for Return Checks Supplier Code of Conduct Surplus Donation Requirements Taxation of Professional Exam Fees Timely Posting of Transactions Trade-in Purchases Transfer of F and A Costs Recovery (Indirect) Funds Transfer of Previously Charged Expenses Travel Policy Tuition Remission Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects Unrelated Business Income Tax Vehicle Purchase Vehicle Rental

Policies and procedures related to non-academic functions and general business services provided for the university. Listing includes (not limited to) environmental health & safety, parking, physical plant, risk management, and university police.

Abandoned Bicycle Accounting for DEA Controlled Substances Active Shooter ADA Evacuation After the Emergency Annex for a Urban Flash Flood Warning Annex for Determining University Closure due to Winter Weather Annex for Internal Notification of Potential Severe Weather Events Annex for Reporting Severe Weather to the Louisville Office of the National Weather Service Louisville Asbestos Procedures for Contractor Projects and Responsibilities Auto Claims Battery Recycling at UofL Belknap Campus Evacuation Biological Safety Cabinet Use Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan BBP-ECP Bomb Threat Broken Lamp Clean Up CHEMEX User Submission Instructions Chemical and Hazardous Waste Pick Up Chemical and Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Chemical and Infectious Agent Spills Chemical Hygiene Plan Chemical Safety (Lab Safety Manual) Chemical Segregation and Storage Cold Room Storage and Use Deadly Weapons Destruction of Select Agents Disclosure of Campus Security and Crime Statistics Disposal of Refrigerators and Freezers Earthquake Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Plan Equipment (Lab Safety Manual) Expired and or Unwanted Pharmaceuticals Fire Emergencies Formaldehyde Safety General Safety in Laboratories (Safety Manual) Handling of Reactive Chemicals Hazard Assessment and PPE Requirements for General Lab Operations Hazard Communication and GHS (Employee Right to Understand) Hazardous Gas Leaks Hydrofluoric Acid Emergency Response Investigating and Reporting Potential Violation(s) of National Institutes of Health Guidelines (NIH Guidelines) Laboratory Close-Out Laboratory Safety Policy Laboratory-Building Chemical Spills Laser Safety Manual Lead-Based Paint and Plaster Preparation Lighting Waste Recycling Medical Biological Waste Segregation Medical Emergencies Minors in Laboratories and Animal Facilities Moped, Scooter, and Motorcycle Use MRI-NMR Safety Natural Gas Leaks No Idling Noise and Hearing Conservation Open Flame Parking System Proper Disposal of Empty Non-Refillable Cylinders Property Claims Provision of Hepatitis B Vaccine Radiation Safety Medical Use Radiation Safety Recombinant DNA - Biohazardous Material Incident Reporting Recombinant DNA-Biohazardous Material Spills Reporting Abuse of a Minor Reporting a Radioactive Spill Reporting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Issues Space Heater Stericycle Regulated Medical Waste Packaging Requirements Suspicious Mail or Packages Tornado - Severe Weather Warnings Utility Failure Vehicle Use Workers Compensation Workplace Violence Youth Protection Program

Policies and procedures detailing benefits, compensation, employee relations, performance management and/or other related personnel functions. Listing includes (not limited to) leave, employment status, intellectual property, work matters, overtime, and staff development.

Additional and Supplemental Pay Administrator Medical Leave Appeals Appointment Rates Call-In - Call-Back Pay Career Opportunities Catastrophic Shared Leave Compensation and Classification Policy Conflict of Interest Continuous Creditable Service Demotions Discipline Discriminatory Harassment Driver's Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Drug-Free Workplace EEO - Affirmative Action Employee Assistance Program Employee Categories and Status Employee Documentation Employee Recognition Program Employment Applications Employment, Consulting Contracts and Appointments Policy (PDF) Employment of Minors Employment of Non-Resident Aliens (Non-Immigrants) Employment of Resident Aliens (Immigrants) Establishment of a New Position Ethical Considerations Exit Interviews Family and Medical Leave Policy Flex-Year Positions Grievances Holidays Hours of Work - Flexible Scheduling Guidelines Identification Cards Immigration Reform and Control Employment Eligibility - Verification Inclement Weather and Emergency Closure or Delays Institutional Base Salary Intimate Relationships Lactation Accommodations Military Leave Moving Expenses Nepotism Orientation Training Other Administrator Leave Other Leaves with Pay Overtime Parental Leave Pay Adjustments Performance Appraisals Personal Leave Without Pay Personnel Records Physical Examinations Promotions Reclassification - Staff Positions Recruitment and Selection Reduction-In-Force (RIF) Remote Work Rest Periods - Meal Periods Retirement Separations Sexual Harassment Shift Differential Sick Leave Staff Development Stand-by Pay Temporary Employment Temporary Medical Leave Time and Attendance Records Title IX Employee Sexual Misconduct Tobacco and Vaporizing Products Trainee Appointments Training and Development Transfers Tuition Remission Unlawful Discrimination Vacation Leave Work Outside the University