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Moving Expense



PUR - 38.00


This procedure applies to University Administrators, Faculty, and Staff.


To view the policy for moving expenses, please visit the Human Resources Department.

  1. Once an individual has accepted an offer for employment which includes moving expenses being paid by the University, as stated in the letter of offer or agreement, the established moving and storage contracted company must be used and the department should complete and submit an Authorization for Move Form listing the total amount allotted and speedtype that will be charged for the expenses. If a department has a lab or office move, the Authorization for Move Form should also be completed and submitted .
  2. The completed form will be sent to Procurement Services and the contracted moving and storage vendor. The contracted vendor will contact the individual moving to coordinate the move and arrange for an estimate to be done for the move.
  3. Upon receipt of the estimate, Procurement Services notifies the department of the estimated dollar amount for the move. This is an estimate only, which will change according to the actual weight and any additional services requested by the individual moving. This allows the department and the individual moving to be prepared for any amount over the limit established by the department, which the individual will need to pay to the moving company upon delivery.
  4. Any changes that a department would like to make regarding the dollar amount and speedtype to be used to pay for a move must be provided in writing to Procurement Services so that they can notify the moving and storage company.
  5. Once the final invoice for a move is received the department speedtype is charged. 
  6. The final invoice charge is also sent to Payroll for applying the appropriate taxation amount to the employee.

Requests for reimbursement to the eligible employee for self moving not contracting for outside labor, rather than using the existent moving contract, must be requested in advance to Procurement Services by the department Vice President, Dean or Chairperson. The request should explain the circumstances for not using the contracted vendor and also the expenses the department may allow, (such as storage, trash removal, etc.), with the total dollar amount to be paid by the University.


Self-Move: cost associated with move to include truck rental, packing materials, fuel, and lodging. Not to include labor at any point.


Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer


Sally Molsberger – Chief Procurement Officer
Procurement Services, Service Complex, University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292


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