Tutoring Policy

The Disability Resource Center does not provide direct tutoring but does work closely with other units to assure that University tutoring services are accessible to students with disabilities.

Tutoring at the University of Louisville is provided by REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement). In addition to tutoring, REACH offers Peer Mentoring, Math Resource Center, Computer Resource Centers, Supplemental Instruction, Learning Assistance, Digital Media Suite, Student Success Seminars, and on-line resources. For information on tutoring and other extensive REACH services, visit the REACH website or call (502) 852-6706.

Generally,  REACH offers scheduled tutoring in small groups or offers drop-in tutoring in a lab environment. For students who have a disability-related reason that group tutoring for a specific class is not effective, REACH will attempt to provide an individual tutoring appointment and 1- 1/2 time for content courses that are identified as REACH-supported.  Individualized tutoring from REACH is possible only with a DRC referral form completed.

IMPORTANT: REACH may not be able to provide an individual accommodation for all REACH-supported courses depending on time of day and tutor availability.  In addition, REACH cannot provide academic support for students enrolled in  non-REACH supported courses.  REACH tutoring is not available for all content areas or for all classes.

In making decisions about academic support, contact your DRC coordinator to discuss the possibility of individualized tutoring from REACH.

Remember that tutoring services are designed to supplement your learning.  Benefit will occur only if you use this resource responsibly.


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