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Personal Leave Without Pay


May 1, 1992




This policy applies to University Staff.


Leave without pay shall be granted in writing by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources upon recommendation by the unit head and Provost/or vice president/dean. An employee granted such leave shall be an employee of the university while on such leave and shall be returned to the original position or a comparable position within the same pay grade, salary, plus any general increases awarded during that period. When the employee is returned to active status, this leave shall not constitute a break in continuous or creditable service in considering eligibility for sick leave, annual leave, general pay adjustments, and other university benefits and privileges. The university's contribution toward an employee's health and retirement benefits cease during a period of leave without pay. An employee may continue his or her health care benefits on a self-pay basis.

A leave of absence without pay may be granted for personal convenience (such as extended vacation, travel, study, childcare, etc.) upon recommendation of the unit head and with the approval of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources for a period of time not exceeding six months. All applicable accrued leave shall be expended prior to the beginning of leave without pay.

In exceptional cases, a leave of absence without pay may be extended to 12 months by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources upon recommendation by the unit head and the Provost/vice president/dean. All applicable accrued annual leave shall be expended prior to the beginning of any other leave without pay. Upon expiration of the extended leave, every effort will be made to place the employee in a comparable position with the university. However, the university cannot guarantee employment at the expiration of an extended leave.

An employee shall not earn annual or sick leave accruals for any period not in pay status.  Leave without pay for personal convenience shall not be granted if it would cause undue hardship on the operation of the department or on the working conditions of other employees in the department. 


Associate Vice President for Human Resources


Human Resources
1980 Arthur Street
Phone:  502-852-6258
Email: hrhelp@louisville.edu


This policy was previously included in Leaves of Absence Without Pay (formerly PER 4.13), which included policies and procedures for staff personal and medical leaves without pay. The October 5, 2017 revision establishes policy PER 4.21 Personal Leave Without Pay and limits the policy scope to personal leave without pay. See PER 4.13 for Temporary Medical Leave.

Revision Date(s):  April 13, 2015, October 5, 2017 (effective November 30, 2017)
Reviewed Date(s):  March 8, 2016, October 5, 2017

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