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Sponsoring Visiting Researchers/Scholars for Research Purposes


January 1, 2017




This policy applies to the University Community (administrators, faculty, staff, and students).


From time to time, UofL faculty may serve as hosts for visiting researchers/scholars. The purpose of this policy is to address the issues and authorizations that should be sought when hosting these individuals. The information included in this document covers individuals who are not compensated by the University of Louisville for their activities. Because these individuals are not therefore tracked in the traditional sense, it is necessary to establish guidelines.


It is the policy of the University of Louisville that researchers/scholars visiting for research purposes must complete and maintain the appropriate clearances and certifications that are applicable to their activities while at the institution. Each visiting researcher/scholar must have a Faculty Sponsor.

Duration of Visit

While these researchers/scholars frequently visit campus during the summer intercession, depending upon the nature of the schedule at their home institution, they may be on campus at any time throughout the academic year. For the purposes of the information presented here, the duration of the visit should be no more than twelve (12) months. If it is known at the outset that the duration will be greater than twelve (12) months, justification must be submitted with the initial documentation and prior approval must be received.

Purpose of the Visit and Sponsor Assurances

In the spirit of academic enterprise, it is understandable that the projects in which the researchers/scholars will participate may evolve during the tenure of their visit. However, due to regulations and requirements that may be attached to their participation, the Faculty Sponsor needs to have a written agreement approved prior to the individual arriving on campus. For international visitors, Faculty Sponsors will need to ensure that the proposed participation is permissible under visa restrictions. Likewise, if the individual will be participating in clinical activities, the Faculty Sponsor will need to ensure that clinical and hospital credentials have been addressed.

Training and Certifications

It is the requirement of the University of Louisville that all visiting researchers/scholars complete the appropriate training and certifications needed for the nature of the work they will complete, while on campus. Depending upon the nature of the project and the country of origin of the visiting researcher, Export Control regulations and permissions may need to be addressed. Due to the requirements and approvals necessary for work on classified and sensitive projects, Faculty Sponsors are strongly encouraged to balance the necessity of including visiting researchers/scholars on these types of projects.  

Secured Access and Access to Specialized Resources

Visiting researchers/scholars should have appropriate UofL identification and approved, programmed access to necessary secured areas and specialized resources. No visiting researcher/scholar should share identification/access with permanent faculty and/or staff. In addition to programmed access, some specialized resources (lab areas, equipment, etc.) have training requirements prior to use. Faculty Sponsors must contact the respective facility managers to ascertain what requirements must be fulfilled before access is granted.


Obtaining a Cardinal Card for a visiting individual

Instructions for obtaining a Cardinal Card, with programmed access, for the visiting individual:

  • Faculty Sponsor should submit a request to Card Operations on UofL letterhead from the school, signed by the Dean;
  • Letter should include: Individual's name; Purpose of the card (ex. door access, library card, etc.); and 
  • Expiration date.

Assistance with Training and Certifications

Research Integrity is a good resource for determining what training will be needed. Some training can be completed online prior to arriving on campus. Please contact Research Integrity (ori@louisville.edu ) as soon as possible so that they can work with you to facilitate getting access to the training established.

Authorization for Classified / Sensitive Research

It should be noted, that in some instances, the approval process for these specialized projects can take months. For assistance in these areas, contact Export Control and Secure Research Compliance.


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Office of Research and Innovation

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Phone: 502-852-2454

Email: evpri@louisville.edu 


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