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Wiring Standards



This policy applies to the University Community (administrators, faculty, staff and students).


As a mission-critical component of the university's infrastructure, the communications network is managed to insure maximum availability, performance, security, and reliability.


All communications wiring and cabling (including copper, fiber optic, or coax) and related facilities in university-owned buildings must be designed and installed in accordance with UofL Wiring Standards and approved by ITS Communications Services staff. In addition, this policy covers communications conduit, racks panels, ducts, cable trays, and outlets.

The policy of the University is that only authorized Information Technology Services staff may install, manage or change the network infrastructure. Unauthorized changes to the network can seriously compromise the reliability, performance, security and availability of the network and its services. In addition, illegal wiring may be in violation of FCC regulations, and fire or building codes, which may create a public safety hazard.

It is a violation of this policy for departments or individuals to install their own communications infrastructure, or modify the existing communications infrastructure in any way. Departments or individuals installing their own communications wiring or networking equipment will not receive IP addresses for their computing systems and will be subject to disconnection from the university network.

Due to the unique nature of wireless LANs and the probable interference between access points if frequency allocations (channel assignments) are not controlled, only wireless LAN equipment installed and configured by Information Technology Communication Services will be permitted on campus. The University’s current wireless conforms to the IEEE 802.11 standard and is fully compliant with the Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi standard.

NOTE: The University’s wireless network was not designed to replace the wired network, and only complements it. Where there are computers or network equipment in a fixed location for example, a computer lab or an office location, then a traditional hard-wired Ethernet connection is required. A wireless connection should not be substituted for the hard-wired data jack at the instructor location(s) in classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums. This is primarily due to sub-optimal performance characteristics associated with wireless LANs.

NOTE: Time sensitive activities should not be dependent on use of Wi-Fi. There are many factors that go into the reliability and available bandwidth of the campus Wi-Fi service, most of which cannot be centrally controlled. Users of the network who seek the convenience of being wireless must accept that there can be coverage, capacity, performance and reliability problems associated with usage of the wireless network that may be beyond the control of ITS to address.


The detailed UofL Wiring Standards document is a dynamic document and will be maintained online for reference on the ITS website at https://uofl.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ITSKB/pages/177668097/UofL+Wiring+Standards. Every effort is made to keep the most current version posted to this web site. Please refer to the online version prior to utilizing these standards or any portion thereof for installation practices.

Information for accessing the wireless network can be found on the ITS website at https://louisville.edu/its/wireless/wireless. A site survey is recommended during the design stage of a project to determine the recommended access point quantities and locations. A validation survey is required after install to verify access point placement as well as any possible RF related issues.


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