Welcome to the newly-reorganized Policies and Procedures page!  We hope that the format will facilitate your finding and using these documents.  You will first notice that we have removed the numbering system.  Rather, we have decided to organize the policies in accordance with the pertinent sections of the "Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals," our primary reference.

Animal Care and Use Program

Personnel Management, Training and Education

Research Involving Collaborating Institutions

Required Training


Occupational Health and Safety of Personnel

Individual Risk Assessment and Medical Surveillance


Investigating and Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

Reporting and Investigating Animal Welfare Concerns


Program Oversight, The Role of the IACUC, Protocol Review

Proposal Review and Approval

Modification of an Approved Proposal

Proposal Expiration

Use of Tissue and Tissue Sharing

Oversight of Core Animal Laboratories

The Use of Chicken/Avian Embryo


Special Considerations for IACUC Review

Tissue Harvesting for Rodent Genotyping

Use of Pharmaceutical-Grade Medications and Outdated Drug Supplies

Humane Endpoints

Use of Freund's Complete Adjuvant

Prolonged Physical Restraint

Research Studies Utilizing Privately Owned Animals

Unexpected Findings and Adverse Events


Post-approval Monitoring

Semi-Annual Program Review


Environment, Housing, and Management

Behavioral and Social Management

Social Housing of Animals

Population Management

Rodent Breeding Colonies

Rodent Identification

Aquatic Animals

PI Maintained Non-Mammalian Housing


Veterinary Care

Animal Procurement and Transportation

Animal Acquisition and Transfer

Transporting Animals to Research Laboratories


Preventive Medicine, Animal Biosecurity

Testing of Cell Lines and Other Biological Materials for Rodent Pathogens

Hazardous Agent Review and Approval


Quarantine and Stabilization

Acclimation Periods for Newly Received Animals


Clinical Care and Management, Recordkeeping

Individual Animal Records



Performing Rodent Survival Surgery


Anesthesia and Analgesia

Use of Postoperative Analgesia

Preparation, Storage, and Use of Tribromoethanol (Avertin)



Physical Plant

General Considerations, Location

Laboratory and Satellite Rodent Housing


Security and Access Control

Animal Security in Investigator Laboratories