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Lighting Waste Recycling



This procedure applies to the University Community (administrators, faculty, staff, and students).


Used lamps contain toxic material and if not managed properly can contaminate our environment and impact human health. Federal and state universal waste regulations require businesses to ensure used lamps are recycled and/or disposed promptly (within 1 year of taken out of service) and properly (40 CFR Part 273).


The University of Louisville has established the following procedure for used lamp recycling:

Step 1: Select a single location within your department to place used lamps. Ideal location would be an area where lamps would be safe from breakage and an area where other recyclables are accumulated.

Step 2: Place used lamps whenever possible in its original package or like-packaging to minimize breakage. Mark collection container with the words “Used Lamps” or “Waste Lamps”, or “Universal Waste Lamps” and the date the lamp was taken out of service.

NOTE: Federal EPA regulations require used lamps to be protected from breakage and the collection container kept securely closed, unless adding used lamps to the container. Used lamps should not be stored for more than 1 year. Even if container is not full, request it to be emptied at the end of each semester.

Step 3: Announce to your department via e-mail that your department group has a used lamp recycling container and provide its location information.

Step 4: Place used lamps into your designated lamp recycling container.

Step 5: When recycling container is near full, or at the end of semester, submit a Battery & Lamp Pick-up request via online form at

Physical Plant Electricians and Zone Maintenance personnel collect and transport lighting wastes generated by routine service and maintenance operations to the designated DEHS managed accumulation site.

IMPORTANT: Broken lamps should be contained (i.e. in a closed box or bag) the container must be marked or labeled as "Hazardous Waste - Broken Lamp contains Mercury - Toxic" and separated from unbroken lamps. A pick up request should be submitted to the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (DEHS) Hazardous Waste Coordinator on-line Chemical & Hazardous Waste pick up form at


Types of Lamps accepted: All types, including but not limited to the following:  fluorescent light tubes, halogen, incandescent, compact fluorescent, circular, U-bend, high intensity discharge (HID), mercury, Neon, xenon, LED, and UV lamps.

Questions or comments about the used lamp recycling program can be directed to Department of Environmental Health & Safety at 502-852-6670.


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Environmental Health and Safety
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