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Time and Attendance Records


May 1, 1993




This policy applies to University Administrators, Faculty, and Staff.


Attendance and punctuality are important to the smooth and coordinated functioning of the university. The efficiency of an entire work group is impaired if every individual is not at his or her workstation at the designated starting time.
Federal and state laws place full responsibility upon the employer for the maintenance and accuracy of such reports, regardless of the method used. Any method of recording working hours which is less precise than described here may be expected to be viewed as unacceptable during an investigation.


To comply with federal and state requirements, each dean, director, or department head shall ensure maintenance of accurate records of all hours worked daily and weekly by each classified employee for a minimum of three years. Each dean, director, or department head also should be fully aware that compliance with federal and state requirements is only possible if each classified employee's working hours are recorded accurately during each work shift and rounded daily to the nearest tenth of an hour. Timekeeping is particularly important in instances where classified employees are required or permitted to perform work at home. The necessity of accurately reporting time for all actual hours worked should be stressed with the employee. In no case shall classified employees be permitted to perform university work at home without prior approval from their supervisor.
Each classified employee is required to be present on the assigned job for the total number of hours for which compensation is being received unless absence from duty is authorized in accordance with these policies.

Employees must submit all leave requests in Workday.

Falsification by an employee of any attendance and leave record may be cause for dismissal.


The following schedule for payment for overtime and/or deductions from wages due to tardiness will apply to classified employees:

Overtime (or late arrival)

Pay (or deduct)

4 to 9 minutes

.1 hour

10 to 15 minutes

.2 hour

16 to 21 minutes

.3 hour

22 to 27 minutes

.4 hour

28 to 33 minutes

.5 hour

34 to 39 minutes

.6 hour

40 to 45 minutes

.7 hour

46 to 51 minutes

.8 hour

52 to 57 minutes

.9 hour

58 to 1 hour and 3 minutes

1.0 hour

When administering the above schedule, certain partial-hour increments do not automatically round to a complete hour of work. Whenever the following minute combinations are summed together, a full hour of work should be reported for the affected employee.
9 minutes (.1 hour) + 51 minutes (.8 hour) = 60 minutes (.9 hour)
15 minutes (.2 hour) + 45 minutes (.7 hour) = 60 minutes (.9 hour)
21 minutes (.3 hour) + 39 minutes (.6 hour) = 60 minutes (.9 hour)
27 minutes (.4 hour) + 33 minutes (.5 hour) = 60 minutes (.9 hour)
(All other 60-minute combinations sum to a complete hour.)


The Vice President for Human Resources may recommend appropriate record keeping methods, instructions, and forms for use by the departments.
The responsibility for scheduling and controlling working hours of employees rests with each appropriate supervisor, dean, director, or department head. Flexible scheduling guidelines may be found at Hours of Work, PER 4.02.


Vice President for Human Resources


Human Resources
215 Central Avenue, Suite 205
Phone: 502-852-6258
Email: askhr@louisville.edu


July 11, 2017 addition regarding administrators is consistent with most recent presidential guidance regarding administrator leave records, dated January 19, 1995 and August 6, 1998.
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