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Special Request for Return Checks


August 3, 2004


This policy applies to the University Community (administrators, faculty, staff, and students).


To comply with proper internal control procedures, accounts payable checks will generally not be returned to departments or be permitted to be picked up. If an exception is necessary for one of the reasons listed below, a request for an exception to the policy must be included in writing on the request for special handling on the payment – please see below. The following are the specific reasons/circumstances when checks may be able to be picked up or returned to the department:

  • Honorarium-whereby the payee is accepting the check at the end of the engagement. (**This does not include paying an individual or company fees for services rendered.)
  • Awards-whereby the payee (must be an individual, not a company) is presented the check as a part of the process.**
  • Department of Homeland Security visa payments that must be processed through University Counsel.
  • International and group advance requests where the payee needs to sign for the check.
  • Licensing and permits for new construction and/or renovations whereby the check needs to be delivered to the agency or office

For any reason not listed above (including special mailing of the check via UPS-NDA or FedEx), the request should be approved by the departmental Chair, Dean or Vice President before being submitted to the Controller’s Office for final approval.

All other items will be sent to the payee via the United States Postal Service (USPS). All requests for special handling must be on Form R-1. This form is available through the Controller's Office, Special Check Handling Request. This form must be completed with a person's name, departmental mailing address and reason for the request. This form must accompany the required backup/paperwork when submitting the request and will become a part of the back-up. Requests made on any other media may result in the direct mailing of the check through the USPS.

**Please note that fees paid to companies and individuals for services rendered do not fall within the parameters listed above. Also, stipends paid to students (including monies paid to students participating in internships and externships) will be mailed directly to the student’s home address.

Any payment requests that contain confidential information (patient information, individual SS#, date of birth, credentialing information, etc.) should be submitted to the Controller’s Office with the confidential information blacked out. (This would include registrations, licensing, conference fees, insurance company refunds, etc.) An unaltered (non-blacked out) copy of the remittance/attachment/registration form should also be paper clipped to the request for disbursement. This is the copy that will be mailed with the payment. Likewise, should you have any type of correspondence/letter/note to be mailed with the check, please include this as part of your original backup.


Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer


Controller’s Office
Disbursement Services
Service Complex, Louisville, KY 40292


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