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Welcome to the online version of The Redbook. This page contains important information about the online Redbook. Please read this page before going on to The Redbook.

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This online version of the University of Louisville REDBOOK is provided and maintained by the Office of the University Provost as a service to the University community with the permission of the University Counsel. Please contact the University Counsel with any questions regarding the content of The Redbook at 852-6981. When contacting the University Counsel, please refer to the chapter, article, section, and, if applicable, the subsection of The Redbook to which your question pertains. Although all efforts will be made to keep the on-line version of The Redbook, please consult the University Counsel if you have any question about the currency of these web pages.

Please send your comments and suggestions about the online Redbook to the Provost Service Account .



The Redbook of the University of Louisville is the basic governance document of the University. The Redbook covers: Organization and Operation of the Board of Trustees and the President's Council (Board of Overseers); Organization and Operation of the University Administration; Organization and Governance of the Academic Programs; Faculty Personnel Policies; Staff Organization and Personnel Policies; Student Governance and Student Affairs Administration; and Revision of The Redbook.

Some University-wide policies and procedures are outlined in The Redbook. Other policies and procedures mentioned in The Redbook are not part of The Redbook but must be consistent with The Redbook. An example of this is the "Staff Handbook"; it is not a part of The Redbook, but The Redbook is the controlling document and all portions of the Staff Handbook must be consistent with the provisions of The Redbook. The Redbook also refers to "addenda to The Redbook" which is a part of The Redbook. (See link to "Addenda" below)

For information about any policies, procedures, or documents mentioned in The Redbook, contact the appropriate unit or the Office of University Counsel (852-6981) for assistance.

Note: If the document is a policy of a particular unit, contact the dean's office of that unit.


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