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Provision of Hepatitis B Vaccine


October 5, 2005


This policy applies to University Employees (administrators, faculty, and staff).


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all university employees covered under the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (BBP) are provided the Hepatitis B vaccine at no cost to the employee as required by the OSHA Standard. OSHA mandates current U.S. Public Health Service Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance be followed for administration of the vaccine, which at this time includes a titer check after completion of the vaccination series.

The University of Louisville’s administration originally addressed provision of the Hepatitis B Vaccine in 1993, when a memo was issued to all directors and department heads stating that departments were responsible for identifying appropriate funding for the cost of employee vaccination. This policy is being issued to clarify existing procedures and ensure that the employees’ responsible supervisor, PI or PD is aware of this responsibility and the administrative process that should be followed in offering and paying for Hepatitis B vaccinations of employees.


As required by OSHA regulation,  departments,  principal investigators (PI), program directors (PD), faculty members and responsible supervisors must: 1) identify employees with a reasonably anticipated exposure to human blood or other potentially infectious material (OPIM); 2) arrange for appropriate funding; and 3) ensure that these employees are offered the Hepatitis B vaccine at no cost to the employee as soon as possible following job assignment but in no case longer than 10 days from date of job assignment. 


For additional information regarding Bloodborne Pathogens compliance: The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) provides employee training and information about the Hepatitis B vaccine and the OSHA BBP Standard upon request. Contact the Bloodborne Pathogens Coordinator at ext. 6670 or browse Bloodborne Pathogens on the DEHS web page.


Directors, Deans, and Department Chairs 

  • Responsible for the overall implementation of this policy. 
  • Ensure that PI’s, PD’s, faculty members and staff are aware of and follow this policy. 
  • Assist PI’s, PD’s, faculty members and staff with allocation of appropriate funding for administration of the Hepatitis B vaccine/titer check as needed. 

PIs, PDs, researchers, laboratory and clinical managers, faculty members and responsible supervisors 

  • Must identify all employees (including full, part-time and temporary) with a reasonably anticipated exposure to human blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).
  • Must ensure that all identified employees are offered the Hepatitis B vaccine/titer check at no cost to the employee within 10 days of assignment to a job with potential exposure. 
  • Provide appropriate funding for the administration of the Hepatitis B vaccine/titer check. Under no condition shall the PI, PD, faculty member or staff dissuade an employee from accepting the vaccine due to cost. 
  • Ensure employees who initially decline the Hepatitis B vaccine complete and sign the Hepatitis B vaccine declination statement as provided on the Hepatitis B Vaccine form (PDF). The PI is to maintain the original form on file. 

UofL Health Services Offices 

  • Provide the Hepatitis B vaccine and titer check in accordance with CDC guidelines current at the time these evaluations and procedures take place.

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