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April 22, 1993




This policy applies to University Adminnistrators, Faculty, and Staff.


A. Resignations

A regular status employee should resign by writing the appropriate department head at least one full pay period (minimum of two weeks for classified staff, minimum of one month for professional/administrative staff) before the effective resignation date. A resignation shall constitute a break in service. An employee who submits a written resignation shall not have the right to appeal.

B. Abandonment of Position

An employee who is absent without authorized leave for three consecutive workdays may be deemed to have abandoned the position and to have resigned and shall not have the right of appeal. However, the employee shall have the right to petition the Provost/vice president/dean for a review of the facts in the case and obtain a ruling as to whether the circumstances constitute abandonment of position. Those who report directly to a dean may petition the Provost for a review of the facts in their case. Those who report directly to the Provost/vice president may petition the President. Any employee separated under conditions of abandonment of position shall be notified of the termination in writing by certified mail -- return receipt requested. Such notice shall include a statement as to the employee's right to petition for a review of the facts. It shall state that such petition must be made within seven calendar days from receipt of notice. The decision of the Provost/vice president/dean shall be final. For those who report directly to a dean, the decision of the Provost shall be final. For those who report directly to the Provost/vice president, the decision of the President shall be final.

C. Separation During Provisional Employment Period

An employee who is terminated during his or her provisional employment period shall not have the right of appeal.

D. Dismissal of Regular Status Employees

A regular status employee may be dismissed only for cause and normally, though not necessarily, only after at least one written warning pointing out areas of deficiency and establishing a reasonable time limit for improvement. Any dismissal of a regular status employee must be reviewed by the Employee Relations Office, Human Resources Department before any action is taken. 

Prior to any dismissal of a regular status employee, a pre-termination meeting will be conducted in the Human Resources Department with a representative of the Employee Relations Office present. Normally, an employee will be provided approximately 24 hour written notice prior to the pre-termination hearing. In unusual cases, an employee may be terminated immediately and without notice. 

Classified and professional/administrative employees shall have the right to appeal dismissal in accordance with the provisions of PER 5.04, Appeals.

E. Pay Upon Resignation / Termination

Upon resignation or termination, the employee's employment status will be terminated on the last day of work and benefits will be terminated the last day of the month in which the last day of work occurs. Employees who are eligible to accrue vacation leave will be paid in a lump sum for such leave on their last regular paycheck or the next available paycheck, as provided in PER 4.04, Vacation Leave.

F. Pay Upon Reduction in Force

Upon a reduction in force, the employee’s employment status will be terminated on the last day of work. Medical insurance will continue through the end of the month of termination. All other benefits will terminate effective on the last day of work.

G. Pay Upon Retirement

Upon a qualifying retirement, employees may use a max of 44 days of accrued vacation leave toward their official last day of active employment or be paid out in a lump sum (or any combination of the two). One full month of medical insurance, at the active employee rate, will be continued following the retirement effective date.

H. Pay Upon Death

All Employees (Administrators, Faculty, and Staff)

  1. Medical insurance for a family member of an employee who dies while on active service (if in effect on the date of death) will be continued for not less than 30 days following the date of death, to afford unnecessary disruption in medical insurance for surviving family members and to allow sufficient time to convert to COBRA coverage (if elected). 
  2. The appropriate unit head should submit a note to the Payroll unit indicating the death of an employee.

Classified and Professional/Administrative Staff

In the event of a staff employee's death, payment for vacation leave accrued up to the time of death shall be delivered to the employee's beneficiary or estate or as provided by law. It will be at the rate of pay at the time of death and by the department in which the deceased was last employed. Payment for up to 30 days of unused sick leave shall be made upon death to the beneficiary or estate or as otherwise provided by law.

Administrators and Faculty

The university will pay the salary of a deceased faculty member or administrator for an additional month after the month in which death occurs. This means that there will be a minimum of one month and a maximum of two months' salary being paid by the university after the death of a faculty member or administrator. 


Resignations and terminations are entered into Workday by the home department.


Vice President for Human Resources


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