Note Taker Service Policies

Requesting Note Taker Services

Only qualified students with disabilities may request note-taker services through the DRC. Students should speak with the appropriate service coordinator at DRC to determine eligibility for note-taker services.

After determination of eligibility, students may request note-taker service by completing the Service Request Form (available at DRC) and submitting to the appropriate service coordinator. If a note-taker is already in place in any of the classes for which the student requests note-taker service, the note-taker coordinator will notify the student of the note-taker's name, e-mail address and/or telephone number. If there is not already a note-taker in place, note-takers may be identified by three methods:

  • The note-taker coordinator may access the class roster to e-mail class members to recruit a note-taker.
  • The student may ask the instructor for assistance in securing a note-taker by asking the instructor to make an announcement in class. Note-taker announcements will be attached to instructor letters.
  • The student may recruit a note-taker on their own and ask the person to contact the DRC to complete appropriate paperwork.

Student Responsibilities

  • Talk with appropriate service coordinator to determine eligibility for note-taker service.
  • Request note-taker service by completing Service Request Form and submitting it to appropriate service coordinator. Submit request as early as possible since delays in submitting requests will result in delays in implementation of note-taker service. Generally, note-taker services will be implemented as soon as possible after the request is submitted and will not include notes from the beginning of the term.
  • Present instructor letter to each instructor and ask for assistance, if needed, in identifying a note-taker.
  • After receiving notification from note-taker coordinator that a note-taker has been identified, contact the note-taker to work out details of note exchange, etc.

If the instructor makes the note-taker announcement and no one expresses interest:

  • Ask the instructor to repeat the announcement.
  • Ask the instructor for approval to tape record lectures.
  • Ask the instructor for his/her lecture notes.
  • Approach another student in class to be the note-taker (be sure the note-taker contacts the DRC about training!)

Contact the note-taker coordinator or the appropriate service coordinator early in the semester if the above options are not effective.

After a note-taker is identified:

  • Make sure the student has come to the DRC to complete the note-taker contact information and to complete a short orientation.
  • When the student knows in advance that he/she/they will be absent from class, notify the note-taker. Excessive absences without good cause may result in discontinuation of note-taker services from the DRC.
  • A student with a disability must take their own notes to the best of their ability. The note-taker's notes are supplemental.
  • Students receiving note-taker services must complete the note-taker evaluation form when received from the note-taker coordinator. Completion of this form is mandatory.
  • Students receiving note-taker services should attempt to resolve any problems associated with the note-taker service directly with the note-taker. Problems may include: late notes, no notes, sloppy/uninformative notes, note-taker absences/tardiness, and personal conflicts. If problems cannot be resolved directly through communication with the note-taker, the student must inform the note-taker coordinator or the appropriate service coordinator. Do not delay in communicating this information to the DRC!!
  • Students should NOT ask the note-taker for additional services such as tutoring. Additional services must be discussed with the appropriate service coordinator.
  • Important: Note-taker services are designed to supplement student learning. Having a note-taker does not relieve the student with a disability from the responsibility of attending class, actively participating, taking notes to the best of their ability, and collecting/receiving supplemental notes in a timely manner.

Disability Resource Center Responsibilities

  • Provide/coordinate note-taker services for qualified students that have requested the service.
  • Provide appropriate instructor letters, as requested.
  • Assist in recruiting volunteer note-takers.
  • Assist in resolving problems.
  • Terminate unsuitable note-takers.
  • Coordinate note-taker service evaluations.
  • If all methods for placing a volunteer note-taker are ineffective, note-taker services personnel will use all means necessary to identify a student in the same class to be placed as a supplemental note-taker who will receive payment for notes.

Note-Taker Responsibilities

  • Meet with the note-taker coordinator at DRC to complete note-taker contact information.
  • Read appropriate Note-Taker Handbook and abide by all policies.
  • Provide notes only after contact from the student receiving the service.
  • Attend class regularly and be on time.
  • Check with student about note-taking format.
  • If student is absent without good cause, deliver notes for missed class(es) to note-taker coordinator.
  • Obtain missed notes for student when lack of notes is result of note-taker's absence.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding all disability related information, including identity of student(s) served.


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