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Sick Leave


May 1, 1992




This policy applies to University Staff.


Staff employees shall accrue 12 days' sick leave per year. Both hourly and salaried employee earn 0.046154 hours of leave per hour of service.

Sick leave accrues proportionally for staff employed on any other fixed part-time basis of at least 40 percent of the normal working hours of the unit in which employed.

Employees will accrue sick leave based on the percentage of time in pay status for each pay period.

There shall be no maximum amount of sick leave an employee may accrue.


A regular staff member must submit a request to use sick leave on a Request for Leave Form. This request form should be completed not later than the first day following the return from sick leave. A physician's certificate, where required, should provide information regarding the employee's physical condition, date of examination, and date authorized to return to work. The form is then approved by the supervisor and/or unit head.

Sick leave shall be authorized for use only after it is earned and credited to the employee.

Sick leave may be granted:

A.  For the employee's personal illness, injury, or exposure to a contagious disease which would endanger others, or for appointments with a licensed medical practitioner. It shall include disability caused by or attributed to pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth, and recovery; or

B.  When the employee's absence is necessary due to the illness of a member of the immediate family.

The department may require the employee to state in writing that any use of sick leave was for reasons provided above.

After the use of five workdays of sick leave in the preceding 12 months, the department head may require a medical certification of illness before authorizing additional sick leave.

In the case of illness while on other approved leave with pay, the employee shall be allowed to use sick leave to cover the period of illness.

Unused sick leave shall be transferred to the new unit for future use whenever an employee moves from one unit to another without a break in regular continuous service.

Payment for up to 30 days of unused sick leave shall be made only upon retirement or death. In the case of death, payment shall be made to the beneficiary or estate or as otherwise provided by law.


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